What is a 2gig panic button programming?

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Most people think of getting devices for their home security that can ensure security when they aren’t at home. Reports showed a 2.7% penetration rate of security cameras worldwide in 2021. However, what if you need protection when you’re present at home? In such cases, panic buttons are highly beneficial. Hence, if you are home alone or left someone alone at home and are worried about their security, then you need the 2gig panic button programming.

It helps to activate an emergency security system. A huge number of home invasions take place in the USA every year. Hence, it’s better to stay safe using precautions and safety measures. In terms of safety measures, home security systems, including 2gig panic button programming, are crucial.

2gig panic button programming refers to a remote and compact wireless button that effectively helps you transmit signals to your control panel. These work like security alarms that you can use in multiple situations. The panic button also includes an innovative communication system that transmits signals when pushed. This signal helps you call for help without calling or making any noise.

Hence, it’s a quick and hassle-free way of getting in case of home invasions.

Let’s learn more about the benefits of 2gig panic button programming and its compatibility with Ezlo. Then, let’s get to it.

What are the benefits of 2gig panic button programming?

2gig panic button programming consists of 2 components, 1 is the panic button itself, and the other is the communication system that helps you connect it to your smart home security system panel. Different panic buttons come with additional benefits and use. Let’s learn the benefits of 2gig panic button programming that can help you below.

  • Wireless
  • Cost-Effective
  • Technology Driven
  • Enhanced Safety
  • Transmits signals quickly
  • Compact



Since the 2gig panic button is wireless, it’s easier to control. The best part is that you can add it anywhere without any hassle. It can send signals from any location as long as it’s in the radio frequency range of the control panel. Also, since it’s wireless, you won’t have to worry about connecting it to a power outlet.


People spend outrageous amounts of money on security tools, some of which aren’t very effective. On the other hand, the 2gig panic button programming comes with a good and innovative system helpful for home security. Besides, it doesn’t even cost much. Hence, this product is cost-effective.

Technology Driven

The 2gig panic button programming is technology-driven. These aren’t just buttons. Instead, they come with innovative systems that integrate smart technology with security. It will alert others when triggered by you. Hence, it acts as a help provider in emergencies where you won’t even require your phone to call someone. You need to push the button, and the alert will be sent.

Enhanced Safety

Recently, there have been more security issues in homes and offices. A smart security device that incorporates a panic notification system when pushed is a smart solution. It’s simple, cost-effective, and provides enhanced safety. In addition, it significantly helps to strengthen your response in terms of emergencies or threats.

Transmits signals quickly

Since the panic button is connected to the smart control panel, it quickly transmits signals through radio frequency waves. Hence, you won’t have to wait for its alert to be triggered. Instead, it will quickly begin processing, and soon you will receive help.


The 2gig panic button programming isn’t heavy or a complicated device. Rather, it’s a small, simple, and compact device made especially for your home security from invasions. Since it’s compact, you can place it anywhere in your home. However, remember that the place should be concealed and somewhere memorable.

Ezlo Product Compatibility

2gig panic button programming is compatible with the Ezlo Secure product, which helps improve the efficiency of the 2gig panic button programming.

The 2gig panic button programming is highly compatible with Ezlo Secure. Since the Ezlo secure is a smart hub, it allows the 2gig panic button programming to stay connected l; like the other smart home devices. Hence, you can have complete smart home security technology with all the devices connected.

Furthermore, Ezlo allows the panic button to stay connected and enables you to use it with a single application. Hence, you don’t have to use multiple applications to use different types of security devices, including the 2gig panic button programming.

2gig panic button programming FAQ

Q – What is the panic button system?

A panic button system refers to a security device that helps to activate an emergency response system manually. It’s a system that helps prepare an emergency alert in alarms or alert notifications.

Q – What is the panic button on a remote?

The panic button on a remote is for triggering a quick emergency signal. The signal gets transmitted to the control panel when pushed.

Q – How do you test a panic button?

Testing a panic button is simple. First, you have to press the big button present in the middle, and the alarm will be activated.

Q – How far does the panic button work?

The panic button works from any location. However, it transmits emergency signals as long as it is within the radio frequency range of your control panel.

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