Everything you need to know about Ezlo Control’s Google Integration

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Q: How do I connect Google Home Assistant with Vera?
A: Instructions can be found here.

Q: How do I get the 7.29 firmware required to use Vera with Google?

A: If you have a Vera Edge, Vera Plus, or Vera Secure, you can log into the web application, and follow the path Connect to Controller ==> Settings ⇒ Firmware. The 7.29 firmware version should appear as 1.7.4452 Vera Edge / 1.7.4453 Vera Plus / 1.7.4454 Vera Secure. If you do not have this version, click the update button and follow the prompts to upgrade.

If you have a Vera Lite or other controllers that pre-date the Vera Edge, as previously announced, we will not be issuing any software upgrades or new features for these devices. We will be supporting them with their current functionality only.

Q: What languages are supported?

A: We are only supporting English at this time.

Q: What type of devices are support right now?

A:  We are now supporting the following device categories: Dimmable, Switches, RGB and HVAC. More to come soon.

Q: I also see Vera Smart Home Concierge in the Google Home App? What is it?

A: Vera Smart Home Concierge is one of many useful plug-ins developed by the members of the Vera Community. For a long time, it has enabled our customers to utilize Google Home capabilities, even without an official integration. From this point forward, we recommend installing the new Vera Smarter Home Control action.

Q: What if I don’t want the Google plugin automatically installed on my Vera Controller?

A: With our next release, we will be adding a feature that enables you to delete unwanted plugins.

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