A Letter From The CEO

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Dear Vera Community,

Since August of last year, when Vera was acquired by Ezlo Innovation, there’s been a lot going on. We’ve doubled our engineering resources, invested in our future, and our teams have been heads-down working on new software, new hardware, and a new cloud architecture to ensure our current and future products live up to the high expectations that you—and we—have for them.

What does this mean for you? A faster, more reliable platform that works with more devices to help make your lives easier and your homes more secure.

In the meantime, here’s some information about the first steps toward the new future of Vera.

New Firmware

Yesterday we released a major firmware update (v7.29), which will deliver key upgrades in the areas of platform stability, wireless and wired connectivity, geofencing, notification behavior, and day-to-day functionality of your Vera system in general. For those of you with a Vera 3 controller or an earlier model, contact our Customer Care team about our upgrade program.

New Device Integrations

Our goal is to integrate with every relevant device on the market. We’ve started down that path with over 40 new devices in this release, and expect to have at least 100 more done by the end of 2019. From there, our “works with” list will continue to grow.

Many of you have been asking about Google Home. We have submitted this integration to Google, and from our perspective it’s working great—but we are awaiting their approval before we can release it.

There’s A Lot Still To Come

One promise I’ll make to you is that we are going to do a better job of communicating going forward. In the coming weeks we’ll have more information about new additions to our controller lineup, a new look for our brand, and other exciting developments.

It’s a new day at Vera. Until next time,

Mark Samuel
CEO, Ezlo Innovation

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