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Z-Wave Repeaters
02 Nov

Z-Wave Repeaters Expand Your System’s Range

One of the more remarkable things about your Vera home control system is that it can be expanded to cover very large areas. True, each of our controllers does have a limit to the number of devices y The underlying Z-Wave technology used in Ezlo Systems One of the more remarkable things about your Vera home control

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Eaton Wifi Smart
23 Sep

Eaton Wifi Smart Universal Dimmer

What is an Eaton Wifi Smart Universal Dimmer? Want to switch and dim existing traditional lights, or fixtures with smart solutions?  The Eaton Wifi Smart Universal Dimmer replaces an existing switch or dimmer and makes it connectable. Additionally, it helps in your continued alignment with the rapidly evolving world of technology. Smart lighting technologies are

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09 Sep

Centralite Micro Door Sensor

Welcoming new faces into your home can sometimes be risky, as they can be thieves behind the mask of friends. You never know what will happen after they appear; it could be life-threatening or loss of valuable property. For your safety and to keep valuables safe, modern technology is offering offer you a micro door

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Aqara Smart Light Wall Switch Zigbee
29 Aug

Aqara Smart Light Wall Switch Zigbee

Have you ever wished you could control the light switch when you enter your house or workplace and the lights turn on, or while you are away? Worry not, a brilliant solution in the form of a smart light wall switch is available. Besides controlling the lights, some switches can operate appliances like fireplaces, fans,

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