What is an Aeotec Smart Switch 7?

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The Aeotec Smart Switch 7 is an intelligent adaptor plug that can be controlled remotely. It can monitor and control any electrical equipment in your home. Thanks to its energy measurement function, you can detect any power eater in your house. The Aeotec Smart Switch 7 enables Z-Wave control and command (on/off) of any plug-in tool. Additionally, it can report current watts or kWh energy usage over time. Its inbuilt non-volatile memory saves all programmed data about the state of the unit’s operation in the event of a power outage. The Plug features Over The Air (OTA) function for the product’s firmware upgrading as well as the SmartStart network pairing capability.

How does an Aeotec Smart Switch 7 work?

The Aeotec Z-Wave Smart Switch 7 allows you to operate any plug-in device with Z-Wave Plus and track its energy use. The Smart Switch 7 connects to a regular outlet and offers connected devices remote Z-Wave control, integration into automation sequences, and energy monitoring functions. Your devices and wiring are protected from electrical hazards by the Smart Switch, which also has surge protection and forbids the installation of foreign objects. In a nutshell:

  • An intelligent plug-in module expands the home automation system.
  • Up to 492 feet (150 meters) outside or 114 feet (35 meters) inside can connect to a Z-Wave receiver.
  • Broad compatibility with Z-Wave Plus certified.
  • An LED indicator changes color to indicate the On/Off state or energy usage.
  • Reports energy consumption in kWh or Watts with a 99.9% accuracy rate.

What are the features of using an Aeotec Smart Switch 7?

Smart Switch by Aeotec 7 enables Z-Wave controllers to be used to control lighting or any other device. All Z-Wave VESTA panels are compatible with most compact and secure smart plugs. It only requires five seconds for installation and combines the three SmartStart wireless security layers,128-bit AES encryption network keys, and ECDH key exchange into a single system. It has up to 2,000-volt surges and spikes protected and designed in accordance with EN301489 and CE EN60950 requirements. More features include:

  • Z-Wave Plus radio technology.
  • All VESTA panels are compatible (Z-Wave).
  • Transmission range: 150 meters outside a field and 35 meters inside.
  • Function as a repeater.
  • Unsecured (S0), S2 (unauthenticated), and S3 (authenticated).
  • Combines SmartStart.
  • Energy source: 230V AC, 50Hz.
  • Seven mA operating current.
  • Four mA for standby current.
  • 10 A maximum output current (resistive load).
  • 0.6W maximum standby power.
  • Maximum power output: 2300W.

Ezlo Product Compatibility

The first automation and security hubs to use the most recent Z-Wave technology are called Ezlo Controllers. With an increased network range of up to 2600 feet/800 meters, faster transmission and execution, and energy-saving capabilities, devices that support the most recent version of Z-Wave enhance the Z-Wave infrastructure.

With the newest Z-Wave multicast capabilities, up to 232 grouped devices can be controlled simultaneously by sending a single signal. Whereas other controllers transmit 50 commands to 50 devices sequentially, Ezlo Controllers simultaneously send one command to 50 devices.

More than 700 series devices, the Ezlo Controllers also include Z-Wave Plus LR (Long Range), which significantly expands the size and transmission ranges of Z-Wave networks. The maximum number of devices that Z-Wave devices may support has increased from 232 to 4000, and they are back wards compatible with all prior Z-Wave protocols and products. Devices with Z-Wave capabilities employ direct line-of-sight delivery ranges up to 1 mile/1.6 km.

Aeotec  Smart Switch 7 FAQ

How do I reset my Aeotic Smart Switch 7?

Press and hold the action button for 20 seconds. When the reset process is complete, the LED indicator’s blue light will fade out.

How do I update Aeotec firmware?

Open the Homeseer HS3 in your browser. Download a compatible HEC file. Select the root of your multisensor. Click on Z-Wave and expand “Firmware Update.”

Does Aeotec require a subscription?

The Aeotec hub has a one-year warranty, free lifetime support, and no subscription fees.

Is Aeotec the same as SmartThings?

The Aeotec Smart Home Hub. can interact with Z-Wave and Zigbee devices. It is controlled by the SmartThings software and is essentially the same product as the SmartThings V3 Hub.

Does Aeotec work with Alexa?

Aeotec Smart Home Hub works with voice controllers as well as with Amazon Alexa.

What is Aeotic Autopilot?

Aeotec created AutoPilot to be a tool that enables increasingly advanced scheduling. It delivers machine-learning-driven advances in four crucial areas of life where automation technology can have the most significant influence.

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