AGSHome Door Sensor

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AGSHome Door Sensor Product Overview:

AGSHome door sensor is a smart way to safeguard your apartment, barn, or garage. One alarm siren station, three window and door sensors, and one remote control are included in this 5-piece system. No commitments or monthly fees are required. The alarm siren at 120 decibels deters intruders. You can check in from anywhere and get notifications and alerts in real time when your alarm goes off on your smartphone

Features & Benefits of an AGSHome Door Sensor

WiFi connection: Whether at home or you have traveled, the smart WiFi door sensor connects to WiFi and your mobile phone to send a notification when a door or window is opened or closed.

Numerous applications: The AGSHome door sensor offers round-the-clock monitoring. Regardless of the distance from your house, garage, car, shed garden, etc. The free Smart Life app lets you determine whether the door or window is open at any time or place.

Simple installation: No hub is needed for this smart WiFi for the home door alarm system. All you have to do is to install your sensors using the provided adhesive or screws, download the Smart Life app, and then connect.

Long-lasting functionality: The use of AA batteries in the smart WiFi door sensor ensures long-lasting performance. It can be used in windows, doors, homes, apartments, offices, and balconies.

Compatibility: Only 2.4 GHz WiFi networks are compatible with the AGSHome door sensor. Any entrance area may readily accommodate the sensors, and their wireless architecture offers a variety of positioning alternatives.

Instant App Checks the condition of any windows or doors: Push notifications will be sent to your smartphone when activated (for example, opened, closed, or tampered with). You can view the history within the “SMART LIFE app.

Compatible with Google Home and Alexa: No hub is necessary, and there are no fees required. Along with other smart gadgets compatible with Smart Life, it can also perform auto control. It is convenient for you to detect the opening or closing of your doors, windows, cupboards, drawers, or any other location you like.

Push-alert message: The AGSHome door sensor enables you to use open/closed door detection to keep your house safe by notifying you whenever there is suspicious activity.

Expandable system:  It also ensures you have the ideal security system for your house. You can add more motion sensors, water leak detectors, doorbells, and sensors for doors and windows. Personalizing your door alarm system allows for the extension of up to 20 sensors and five key fobs or keypad controllers.

The alarm system will send you a message as soon as any activity is discovered and turn on the siren to scare the intruder away. By including your family’s cell phone number or email address, you can invite them to control your alarm system. You can automatically program your system to activate and deactivate at your chosen time. There are additional options like using the free intelligent life app which checks your home security system anytime. Make a point of getting an AGSHome door sensor because it continuously brings you comfort and safeguards your family and possessions. In this regard, you can perform your duties effectively and increase your productivity.

AGSHome Door Sensor Product Description

  • 10th part number


  • 500 grams; 23 x 17 x 5.2 cm; size of the package


  • 1 AA battery is needed for the device. (included)


  • Reference to the manufacturer – 10


  • Design: DP-A 8-piece kit


  • Weight of Item: 500 g


Ezlo Product Recommendation

AGSHome Door Sensor is compatible with the Ezlo Plus and Ezlo Secure products, which helps improve the efficiency of the AGSHome Door Sensor.

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