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What is an Aeotec Range Extender 7?
29 Dec


The Centralite Smart Outlet is a new technology that allows users to control their home devices without ever having to leave their comfort zone. This sleek and futuristic device plugs into any standard outlet and wirelessly transmits all of your commands to your appliances. With Centralite, you can turn on the lights, adjust the temperature,

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22 Dec

Centralite Smart Outlets Pairing

When it comes to home automation, there are a lot of choices out there. But which one is right for you? And which one will you be able to stick with over time? One option is centralite smart outlets. They are convenient and easy to use and offer various features and benefits that can make

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smart sensor
07 Dec

How to Choose a Centralite Motion Sensor?

When it comes to home security, a centralite motion sensor is one of the most important components. This type of sensor is designed to detect movement within a specific area and send an alert to the home security system. If someone breaks into your home, you will be immediately notified and can act. How does

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What is an Aeotec motion sensor
06 Dec

What is a Centralite Micro Motion Sensor?

A Centralite micro motion sensor is a device that measures and monitors minute changes in the position of an object. It is typically used to track the movement of objects in three-dimensional space. The sensor consists of a small, lightweight base unit affixed to the object to be monitored. A series of sensors, called sensing

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