Centralite Water Leak Sensor Product Overview

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You can safeguard your house from costly leaks and the possibility of misfortune. Just place a 3-Series Water Leak Sensor close to water heaters, drain pans, and below sinks; the Water Leak Sensor fits nearly anywhere and is portable and convenient. If you place the sensor directly on the ground, it will alert you if it finds any water.

What you will get In the Box:

  • 1 unit of 3-Series Centralite water leak sensor
  • 1 unit of CR-2 Battery
  • A quick start guide

Top 6 Features of the Centralite Water Leak Sensor

  • A centralite water leak sensor can detect water as low as 0.5 ounces.
  • Centralite water leak sensor uses capacitance detection for sensitive and accurate detection.
  • Water resistance ensures notification before damage to the sensor occurs.
  • Easy-to-install mounting plate for the sensor.
  • Easy compatibility with ZigBee HA 1.2 products from different manufacturers.
  • Over-the-air firmware updates so the Centralite water leak sensor can update itself remotely and efficiently.

Water Supply Automatically Turned Off in case of Leakage

If the Centralite 3 Series Water Leak Sensor detects water whole-home water shut-off valve can be activated to cut off the water supply. This safeguards your house against leak and flood damage even if you are away or unaware of a problem.

Make Sure the Drain Pans for the A/C don’t Overflow

You can install the Centralite water leak sensor in locations with standing water using the clip-on standoff/remote leads supplied. Under normal working conditions, A/C drain pans contain some water. Still, with the 3-Series Water Sensor, you will be warned when the water exceeds an unsafe level.

If a sump pump breaks, stop basements from flooding.

The removal of water from many homes’ basements necessitates the installation of an automated sump pump. The 3-Series Water Leak Sensor can provide warnings when these pumps fail because of the growing water level.

Advantages of Centralite water leak sensor

Simple Installation

You can put the 3-Series Water Leak Sensor on any non-conductive surface. It only requires assembly and placement in a low area or next to a device like a washing machine, refrigerator, or water heater.

Pull-to-Pair Joining Method

“Pull-to-pair” joining is a capability of all 3-Series sensors. To start the connecting procedure, just pull off a little plastic tab from the gadget’s bottom. The battery is already placed when the device ships. There is nothing that the user can disassemble or reassemble.

Compatibility with ZigBee Home Automation 1.2

The Centralite water leak sensor is approved for ZigBee HA 1.2. It is ensured to work with open, HA 1.2-certified ZigBee hubs and devices.

Superior update ability and range

Additionally, the Water Leak Sensor enables over-the-air updates, enabling smooth upgrades and feature improvements without requiring user input.

How to Begin with Centralite water leak sensor?

Step 1: Open the ZigBee network to begin.

Enable the ZigBee network for joining via the interface on your controller or hub.

Step 2: Remove Tab from Sensor’s Bottom

Remove the little plastic tab from the sensor’s bottom, and the sensor will start looking for a network to join.

Step 3: Complete Joining at Hub

Some hubs and controllers need further procedures, such as giving the device a name or category.


The Centralite water leak sensor is instantly compatible with any hub, controller, bridge, or platform that has received ZigBee HA 1.2 certification.


Step 1: First, take out and replace the battery from the gadget

The sensor cover should be removed. Replace the old battery with a fresh CR-2 battery. Reassemble, then test the system.

Step 2: Rejoin and Factory Reset

Remove the sensor’s lid and the battery. Replace the battery to perform a factory reset while maintaining pressure on the reset button. Repeat the “How to Begin” instructions to rejoin the ZigBee network.

Technical Specifications

3V Power Rating

Battery: CR-2 life for Centralite water leak sensor’s battery is 2 to 3 years

Environmental specifications

The temperature of Operation: Centralite water leak sensor works in the temperature range between 0 to 40°c.


To satisfy various clients’ demands, CentraLite provides Tier-1 and Tier-2 support architectures. CentraLite may act as Tier-2 support experts for companies offering in-house system support. Direct Tier-1 service is provided for all CentraLite retail-branded goods by Centralite.

Standard Warranty

The Centralite water leak Sensor is covered by a standard 12-month limited warranty from Centralite. A product is being marketed with an additional required warranty period under local law.

Ezlo Products you must buy with Centralite 3 Series Water Leak Sensor.

Centralite 3 Series Water Leak Sensor is compatible with the ezlo Plus. The ezlo Plus Home Controller is a sophisticated home automation gateway that lets you manage and control home automation devices. Also, Centralite 3 Series Water Leak Sensor is compatible with ezlo Secure and Ezlo Plus. This intelligent home automation controller handles all communication and coordination between your Z-Wave, Zigbee, and Wi-Fi-connected devices. But it is not compatible with Ezlo Edge, Atom, or PlugHub.

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