Discover The Power Of Advanced Scenes

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The true power of home control doesn’t lie in the ability to turn on lights before you get home or check your cameras from anywhere. Tailoring your home to your preferences is best done through scenes, which allow you to control multiple devices either with a single tap or based on an action registered by one of your devices.

Our newest feature on the Vera app, advanced scene creation, helps you go farther than ever in personalizing your smart home experience through the use of ANDOR, and NOT conditions in scene creation.

Logic like this can get confusing quickly, so let’s look at a couple of examples.

After Work

Let’s say you want to disarm your sensors automatically when you get home. Now you can set your Vera system to disarm all motion sensors if it’s after 5pm on a weekday AND your PIN code is entered at the front door OR the garage is opened.

The Energy Saver

If you like to keep it cool at night but enjoy a morning breeze, you can set your air conditioning to turn off automatically if it’s morning AND the master bedroom door is open OR a window is open in the breakfast nook.

The Night Light

For those who have kids, a trip down the hall in the middle of the night is all-too familiar. But rather than fumbling along in the dark or blinding yourself by turning on the lights, you can create a scene to turn on the lights to 20% if a door sensor is tripped in one of the bedrooms AND if motion is detected in the hallway, but NOT after 6am.

Prior to this new advanced scenes feature, you would have needed to create multiple scenes each example to achieve the desired effect. Now, just a single scene for each scenario is required.

For more information on how to create an advanced scene, check out this article on our support page or the videos on our YouTube channel and enjoy a more personalized smart home experience.

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