New 1.2 eZLO Mobile App Version Comes Packed with New Features

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Ezlo Mobile App

We are constantly working on making our mobile app more effective and user-friendly

The new version contains quite a number of important features and improvements:

1. Support of multiple hubs

The eZLO App can now connect to multiple hub types. In addition to eZLO Controller, it now supports eZLO Atom and ZLINK, minimalistic fully-functional home automation hubs. Both hubs are powered through a USB port and are connected via a local Wi-Fi network.

For connecting the hubs, the application now includes a new wizard providing easy and graphic instructions on adding and setting up a new hub.

Support of multiple hubs
Add Ezlo Atom

2. Presets screen

The Dashboard now offers the Presets screen where you can set up complete scenarios launched with a single finger tap. Presets consist of multiple actions that can be performed simultaneously when a Preset is launched.

Presets screen

3. This release also includes quite a number of other improvements intended to make the eZLO App more transparent and easy to use:

  • The sidebar has been redesigned and now contains more information — the local time, the power source and the network type of the current eZLO hub
  • The room management functionality has been enhanced with the option of changing the room name and icon
  • “Coming soon” placeholders have been implemented to mark the functions that are currently under development


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