New eZLO Mobile App Update (V 1.1.28): Forced Disconnection, Data Hiding, User Roles

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Check out the top three features we’ve added:

— Now you can force device disconnection using the eZLO hub only. This means you don’t need to press the Service button on the device if you don’t want to. But note: in this case, you’ll need to factory reset your device to connect it to a hub again.

Ezlo hub Screen

— Set the app to hide the info you don’t usually interested in! If you happen to get too much of various data from your devices, feel free to edit the burdened list of info your eZLO shows on its screens for you.

Ezlo App Screen

— See the roles you previously assigned to users you share your eZLO hub with.

Ezlo New User

And, of course, lots of minor improvements and fixes related to the design and functionality of the app were made.

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