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07 Dec

How to Choose a Centralite Motion Sensor?

When it comes to home security, a centralite motion sensor is one of the most important components. This type of sensor is designed to detect movement within a specific area and send an alert to the home security system. This way, if someone does break into your home, you will be immediately notified and can

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What is an Aeotec motion sensor
06 Dec

What is a Centralite Micro Motion Sensor?

A centralite micro motion sensor is a device that measures and monitors minute changes in the position of an object. It is typically used to track the movement of objects in three-dimensional space. The sensor consists of a small, lightweight base unit affixed to the object to be monitored. A series of sensors, called sensing

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01 Dec

Ecolink Pet Immune Motion Detectors

Ecolink Pet Immune Motion Detectors – Do you have a pet that seems to set off your home security system, no matter how often you adjust the settings? Consider investing in an Ecolink Pet Immune Motion Detector. This device ignores pets up to 80 pounds, so you can rest assured that your furry friend will

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2GIG Garage Door Sensor
01 Dec

Ecolink Garage Door Tilt Sensor Review

Ecolink is one of the leading brands of garage door openers, and its tilt sensor is no exception. This review will examine what makes this model so great and whether it is the right choice for you. What is an Ecolink garage door tilt sensor? The Ecolink garage door tilt sensor is a z-wave-enabled device

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