eZLO Smart Home

28 Jul

Aeotec Recessed Door Sensor

Automation has brought various notable advantages to smart home device users. From automatic garage doors to recessed doors, the latest and greatest devices allow smart control like the lock, unblock, and password features. The ability to lock your house door with a single click ensures security and safety. One can consider using automation to turn

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smart sensor
25 Jul

Aeotec Nano Dimmer

Modern homes are incomplete without premium furnishings and an exquisite lighting system. You need to choose lighting that is responsive and always provides the right brightness when you need it. When it comes to lighting, it takes a lot of trouble to get bright lighting. Traditionally built homes still do not have a good source

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Panic Button
21 Jul

What is an Aeotec Siren?

Technological advancements have skyrocketed in recent years. Had it been a few decades ago, no one would have believed doors could be opened with a retinal scan or that robots could move just by listening to verbal instructions. But now, even the so-called impossible can unexpectedly become possible. It is just a matter of time

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19 Jul

Alfred Smart Lock Product Overview

The Alfred Smart Lock lets you use a unique key as a backup with the keyed-entry lock option. It has the same touchscreen functionality as the DB2, an elegant key point of entry with a swivel cover, and a touchscreen design. It Includes a Bluetooth feature for One-Touch access, which enables you to open the

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