eZLO Smart Home

15 Jun

Aeotec LED Bulb 6 Product Overview?

There are multiple choices for you when it comes to your home’s lighting. However, some smart choices can lead to better home lighting, which can even be cost-saving in the long term. When we talk about cost caving through lights, Aeotec LED Bulb 6 comes to mind. It’s a smart LED bulb that consumes less

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ezlo Set up your first SH post
10 Jun

Set-up Your First Smart Home In Just 3 Easy Steps

We hear a lot that one of the main reasons people don’t buy smart home technology—even if they’re interested in it—is because they’re worried about the setup being complicated. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Begin right away in three simple steps: Choose a hub based on your needs If you want to

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09 Jun

Aeotec LED Bulb 6 Multi White Product Overview

Want to adopt the modern way of lighting for your home? If so, adding a smart lighting system would be the best choice. Several people opt for smart lighting systems nowadays. A 2022 survey shows that around 32% of respondents answered that they use smart home devices for electricity and lighting (such as light bulbs).

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smart sensor
08 Jun

Aeotec Z Wave Micro Dimmer 2nd Edition Product Overview

Want to turn your existing switches into smart switches? After all, the increasing popularity of home security systems makes people interested in adding more smart devices to their homes. The Aeotec Z wave micro dimmer 2nd edition is a device that can turn your regular switches into smart switches. The number of smart homes is

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