Dome Home Automation Door
01 Nov

Dome Home Automation Door and Window Sensor

The Dome home automation door and window sensor is a battery-operated Z-Wave Plus magnetic reed switch. It can track the state of doors, windows, and other opening and closing devices. Additionally, you can also set it to tell you the room temperature. Dome Home Automation Door and Window Sensor The “sensor” and the “magnet” are

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smart sensor
23 Aug

Centralite 3 Series Smart Outlet Product Overview

Thanks to Centralite’s 3 Series Smart Outlet, you can instantly add modern automation functions to any device in your house by plugging the smart outlet between an outlet and any appliances at your home. This centralite 3-series smart outlet can be remotely turned on and off and work with your current ZigBee hub to react

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Aeotec TriSensor
22 Aug

Aqara Smart Plug

Have you ever dreamed that your home will run itself or even save huge electricity bills without moving around into the home to turn off all the electric outlets? Thanks to Smart plugs, which are designed to make the home Smart and automated. Like a power-point adapter, a smart plug fits between your power socket

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LED Strip
01 Aug

Aeotec Smart Power Strip

From security systems to plugs, a home needs to be upgraded to become an upgraded and modern home. If you’re not in the mood to upgrade your usual appliances, electronics, lighting, or other high-tech appliances that can be controlled directly through a phone, a smart power strip is a smart way to proceed. Conventional power

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