Aeotec TriSensor
27 Jun

What is an Aeotec TriSensor?

Every Z-Wave smart home relies on data for automated processes that make a smart home responsive and safe. The Aeotec TriSensor provides your smart home’s three most crucial intelligence components. These improbable compact finish of the TriSensor is made of three different sensors. A motion sensor, a temperature sensor, and a light intensity sensor are

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15 Jun

Aeotec LED Bulb 6 Product Overview?

There are multiple choices for you when it comes to your home’s lighting. However, some smart choices can lead to better home lighting, which can even be cost-saving in the long term. When we talk about cost caving through lights, Aeotec LED Bulb 6 comes to mind. It’s a smart LED bulb that consumes less

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LED Strip
06 Jun

Aeotec Z Wave LED Strip Product Overview?

LED lights have resulted in being one of the most popular options in the modern era. LED strip lights are made of a long, flexible circuit board with light-emitting diodes attached. Accent or decorative lighting is highly common with these lights, but you can also use them for more practical applications. The Aeotec Z wave

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smart sensor
01 Jun

Aeotec Micro Dimmer Product Overview

Smart automation at home is emerging as a part of the technology trends nowadays. The smart lighting controls market is also growing. Reports show that the worldwide intelligent lighting controls market revenue in 2017 was worth 721.1 million USD. When it comes to smart intelligent lighting controls, the Aeotec micro dimmer is exceptional. This dimmer

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