eZLO Smart Home

21 Apr

Ezlo Vision: A Platform for Smart Home Innovation

The release of the new Vera UI7 user interface software is getting near, and it will be the clearest expression yet of our vision of what Vera smart home technology is all about: Expandable, flexible, mobile, easy-to-use, and powerful. Each month there are many new home automation product introductions, and we follow them closely because we strive

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Controlling Lights with Ezlo to Save Energy
07 Apr

Controlling Lights with Ezlo to Save Energy: Part 2 – Dimming Lights

Dimming Lights to Save Energy With Your Vera System In the previous blog, we looked at the three commonly used lighting technologies — incandescent, CFL, and LED — and explained why LED is the best, though initially most expensive, of the three. (Over time, the long-lasting LED bulbs can be less expensive, but it may

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Controlling Lights with Vera to Save Energy Part 1 Bulb Types
31 Mar

Controlling Lights with Ezlo to Save Energy: Part 1 – Bulb Types

Previously we explained here how the thermostat is typically the single biggest target for saving energy (and money) with a smart home. If you haven’t yet replaced your home’s old-fashioned thermostat(s) with a Smart Thermostat(s), you should! With that said, we’ll now turn our attention to some other ways you can save energy with Vera Smarter

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Saving Energy With A Smart Thermostat Vera Smarter Home Control
14 Mar

Saving Energy With A Smart Thermostat & Ezlo Smarter Home Control

With winter almost in the rear-view mirror, and fix-up projects on the horizon, spring is traditionally a time when many homeowners are concerned about all the money they just spent on energy over the winter, and start looking for ways to save energy. While projects like attic insulation and new windows are typically the first

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