Smart Devices For Your Pets

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One of the positive aspects of these times of social distancing is that we get to spend more time than ever with our furry friends. But even still, we can’t be with our pets all the time—and like any member of our family, they deserve the best.  Well, the same smart home technology that makes our own lives easier, can also help us take better care of our pets. Let’s take a look at a few scenarios in which your existing smart home devices can also make you a better friend to your furry loved ones.

Know where they are. Know how they are.

If you have sensors on your doors, windows, and in the hallway, think how you might repurpose one for your pets. . We’ve talked before about how a sensor on a doggy door lets you keep track of their comings and goings. What about a water sensor probe in their bowl? You’ll know as soon as they need more water. And if you’re worried about leaving them home alone, you can feel safer knowing your smart smoke and CO2 detectors will let you know if there’s a danger.

Remote playtime with cameras to keep your dog busy

Being home alone can get boring quickly, and most dogs appreciate hearing your voice. Want to give them some love? Use the two-way talk feature on a VistaCam to say hi to your pets while you’re away. It’ll make them feel happier and keep them from chewing up the couch.

Smart thermostats and a comfy couch

Yes, we know that ‘ol Cooper is not allowed on the couch while you’re home, but let’s be honest, your dog is a couch potato and he loves using it as much as you do. Why not make it a little bit more comfortable while he’s living it up without you by using a smart thermostat to regulate the temperature throughout the day.

Smart lights for your buddy

Commuting can be rough, and if your pet is counting on you to be home at a certain time, that can make it even more stressful With the days getting shorter, your house will become darker well before the sun sets and nobody, not even pets, like being home alone in a dark house. How can you solve it? Just create a scene to turn on some key lights 30 minutes before sunset. You’ll come home to a well lit house and a more relaxed pet.

It’s not easy to be a dog or a cat parent, but the same smart home products that you use every day for your wellbeing can make your pet’s lives healthier and safer as well. Looking for some inspiration? Check out our store and see what might make sense for the animals in your home.

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