The New Z-Wave 700 series & the Ezlo Controllers

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The new Z-Wave 700 Series Modules is designed to meet the demands of the future smart homes, hospitality, and MDU’s where increasing needs for more sensors and battery-operated devices require more range and low power. In our fastest smart home controller in 2020 speed test, we featured an Ezlo hub with the new Z-Wave 700 series chip. Learn more about it here.

What makes the Z-Wave 700 series better?

  • Up to 10 years of battery life for sensors

In next-generation smart environments, new types of sensors will be embedded within walls, furniture, around plumbing, and other stationary settings, as well as in standalone devices. For sensors, battery life is key. Z-Wave 700 brings advanced low power communication and automatic power management, ensuring a long life for any battery-powered device.

  • Faster communication and automation

The new 700 series is powered by an ultra-fast and powerful ARM® Cortex-M processor which allows wireless transfers for up to 100kbps that enable instant communication between devices while still being power efficient. That’s instant response between devices when they are being triggered in a scene. So your automations can be more complex and contain more devices to better suit your needs.

Ezlo brings Z-Wave 700 series to market

The Ezlo Plus and Ezlo Secure both are among the first hubs to feature Z-Wave 700 series technology. They’re also long-range ready, and leverage the new Ezlo platform for an enhanced user experience. Compare now to see which one is right for your home.

Z-Wave 700 Series Modules – Silicon Labs (silabs.com)
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