Top Home Automation Features Women Love

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When we’re first introduced to home automation, a huge entertainment system with one controller comes to mind, or anything beyond clapper lights, really. But today, this new technology isn’t just for guys and geeks; it also appeals to women of all ages, maybe because women are home more than men.

According to Marketing Zeus, 85% of purchases and purchase influences are made by women, and 50% of the products typically marketed to men are actually purchased by women. Yes, you heard that right! Women are also taking the leap to the future, not just for evolution’s sake, but for some very practical reasons as well.

Here are five smart home features that know what women want. Sometimes it knows better than men. So guys, take notes!

1. Manage the entire house with one app

As natural homemakers, women want total control in their homes. So, if there’s an app that could let them watch what’s happening around their domain all at once, what’s not to love? Especially in today’s ever-increasing pace, women want to be able to do more things on their own. And a smart home just gives them more time to stay on-the-go or sit back and unwind.

Top Home Automation Features Women Love

2. Keep an eye on the kids

Sure, there’s text and calls or even face time to check on them, but when you get notifications from your house saying your kid has arrived on time, that’s something else. Same goes with when you have teens to deal with. Sneaking out in the middle of the night will be a great challenge with motion sensors and alerts. Better luck next time, kids.

3. Set the ambiance with lighting

Nothing feels more at home than mood-setting lights. Pair it up with good music, a cup of coffee, and a book you’ve been wanting to finish, then get cozy in the couch with your socks on and your feet up. Smart bulbs like eZLO’s let women splash color in the house depending on their mood. So, when men see red, they know what’s up.

4. Host Better Dinner Parties

As much as women want to entertain friends with their home-cooked meals thoroughly prepared in their well-orchestrated house, a little help won’t hurt. Tapping one button to dim the lights, adjust the temperature, and notify them of guests coming in gives them more time to retouch or breath before the party begins.

5. Save Energy and Money

If comfort and safety aren’t enough to woo women with home automation, at the end of the day, it saves them money too. Since smart lighting and thermostats cut energy costs, monthly utility bills are easier to manage. And that’s just too soothing to every budget-conscious woman’s ear.

When it comes to home security, comfort, structure, and ambiance, women can rule our homes better with smart home automation. eZLO does all that, but with a friendly price. Because, easy living is not just for the rich anymore, it’s for any man or woman on-the-go — it’s for everyone.

It’s simple. It’s easy. It’s low-cost. It’s eZLO. Visit the shop to know more.

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