Vera’s 2019 Holiday Gift Guide

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Looking to introduce the smart home experience to your friends and family? Has your spouse been hinting at wanting to start a connected home? We’ve got a starter kit for everyone on your list in this year’s Vera Holiday Gift Guide.

For the frequent traveler

For your hippie sister who skips off for weeks at a time, pair our most affordable controller with a 4-in-1 sensor to keep watch over her home while she’s away. She’ll get alerts on her phone if anything’s up, and if she doesn’t, she’ll feel good knowing the feng shui will be just right upon her return.

Starter Kits from $49.95


For the vacation home owner

The one thing about your friends that get out of town every weekend to visit their country house, is that they’re not there during the week. Get them started with this smart monitoring kit that will keep an eye out for leaks, motion, and changes in heat, humidity, and lighting conditions while they’re back in the city.

Starter Kits from $79.95



For the family-focused

You know the friend who’s always texting her kids to make sure they’re ok while you’re out for drinks? Get her a smart home starter kit with a camera that lets her check in at home whenever she wants—without having to wait for an answer.

Starter Kits from $89.95




For the budget-conscious

For your cousin, the financially-challenged graduate student or your uncle whose favorite holiday activity is turning off lights in empty rooms, this smart thermostat starter kit is a great way to help them save money on energy costs, while also giving them the opportunity to expand into smart lighting later in the year.

Starter Kits from $99.95





For the tech-curious

You know that smart home thing your husband’s always talking about but hasn’t yet committed to? Vera has the answer—and don’t let the low price fool you. This complete smart home starter kit, which includes our newest 3-in-1 control hub and two LED bulbs, is packed with enough power to control your home, but small enough to stuff inside a stocking.

Starter Kits from $59.95





For the living solo

The ultimate present for anyone you love—and worry about. This starter kit includes two motion sensors and two door-window sensors, all of which will send alerts directly to the phone of your favorite person to let them know if anything unusual is happening before they get home. Also perfect for city-dwellers living next to a fire-escape.

Starter Kits from $99.95






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