2GIG Garage Door Sensor (345 MHz)

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Safety sensors are intended to avoid accidents caused by automated garage doors, which have resulted in major automotive damage, as well as injuries and deaths among humans and animals.

Garage door sensors are crucial if you want to maintain your garage effectively. They can notify you when there is a tilt taking place. Not only that, but it also alerts you to every garage door motion so that you can stay stress-free about it.

Reports show that the IoT sensor market revenue was over 11.9 billion US dollars globally. That’s why a 2gig garage door sensor (345 MHz) would be highly beneficial for you.

2gig garage door sensor (345 MHz) refers to a safety sensor that ensures that a garage door can stop opening or closing when something is in the way. Hence, it helps to stay safe and secure from heavy garage doors. It’s an exceptional safety device. It helps to make garage doors more convenient. In addition, it also ensures that no one gets injured due to the opening or closing of the garage doors.

The 2gig garage door sensor (345 MHz) is a smart security device that you can attach to the garage door and monitor conveniently like your other smart home security devices.

Now that you know what a 2gig garage door sensor (345 MHz) is, let’s get to its benefits and the smart hub it supports.

What are the Benefits of Using a 2GIG Garage Door Sensor?

The US Federal Law UL 325 made it mandatory to add sensors to garage doors that alert on interruptions during the opening or closing of garage doors. It helps protect you from injuries if someone comes in the way during the opening or closing of garage doors.

Some of the major benefits of the 2gigi garage door sensors include:

Protects Vehicles

It can be a problem when your car, bike, or other vehicles accidentally gets in the way while the garage door is closing. It can lead to scratches and even heavy damage to the vehicle. Not only that, but the person (if sitting) in the vehicle may also get heavily injured.

However, 3gig garage door sensors prevent such a risk. With this sensor, your vehicles won’t get any type of scratches or damage from the heavy garage door. Hence, it’s the best way to prevent your car or any other vehicle from mishaps.

Prevents injuries

Vehicles and even living beings may be at risk of getting heavily injured by such heavy garage doors. If someone gets in the way while the garage door closes or opens, they may get injured. Every year, some people even die due to malfunctioning garage doors or actions around such doors.

However, those who have garage door sensors attached are much safer. Even if people do come in the way while the doors are closing, they will be safe from any injuries or harm. However, it’s still not suggested to get in the way of opening or closing garage doors.

Lowers risks of harm

If you have pets or small kids who run around the house, they can be at risk from the garage doors. They may get in the way while the garage door is in action. This can dangerously harm them. That’s why you should be extra cautious about such an event and try to prevent it from happening.

In such cases, 2gig garage door sensors can be the perfect addition to your garage doors. They lower the risks of harm from such events, and you don’t have to stop your kid or pet from playing around.

Wireless Sensors

The 2gig garage door sensor (345 MHz) is wireless. Hence, you won’t have to go through the hassle of setting up all the wires or connecting them to power outlets. Instead, it requires simple installation. Then, you only have to attach the sensors to the garage doors and activate them. Once the activation is done, you can use the sensor with a smartphone. You can get alerts and monitor the status of your garage doors.

Quick Actions

The 2gig garage door sensor (345 MHz) takes quick action. For example, if the door is closing, and someone comes in the way. The sensors won’t take any time, and the door will stop automatically. Hence, there aren’t any chances of even a scratch taking place on you or your vehicle. Not only that, but it also provides quick alerts if the garage door is left open.

Long battery life

Since the sensors have a lithium battery with a longer life, you can stay at ease. You don’t have to charge it all the time. Sometimes, charging it will allow you to use it for longer without any hassle.

Ezlo Product Compatibility

When we talk about the 2gig garage door sensor (345 MHz), handling it can be easy. However, it would be even better if you could monitor and control it directly along with your other smart home security devices. In such cases, smart hubs can be the best choice. The 2gig garage door opener is compatible with Ezlo Secure.

Hence, you can connect the sensor with the Ezlo smart hub and easily check and monitor all the smart home devices along with the 2gig garage door sensor through a single dashboard. It will be convenient and efficient for you since you won’t have to jump from one application to another to access all your smart home devices and a 2gig garage door sensor (345 MHz).

2gig Garage Door Sensor FAQ

Q1 – What are the common causes of garage door sensor problems?

Some of the common issues that may lead to garage door sensor problems include:

  • Layers of dirt and dust in the sensors produce a barrier for the light beam.
  • Misalignment of the garage door sensors
  • Obstructions such as items that may break the light beam.

Q2 – Do garage door sensors go out?

It depends on certain situations. If it goes through regular maintenance, then it can last longer. However, any wire damage or excessive rain/sprinkler water can lead to short circuits, and the sensors may fail and go out.

Q3 – How much does it cost to replace garage door sensors?

The average cost range that you may incur for replacing garage door sensors may be anywhere from $85 to $150. However, the price may differ depending on where you are getting it replaced.

Q4. How long do garage door sensors last?

Garage door sensors can last for years if maintained properly. On average, it can operate for 5–8 years if there are no external problems causing issues with it.

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