Aeotec Heavy Duty Smart Switch Product Overview

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All the homes have available smart switches, probably from different brands. Furthermore, you wouldn’t find any shortage of such switches. However, these switches can handle merely anywhere between 10-15 amps of electrical current. That’s why you would need an Aeotec heavy-duty smart switch if you require the usage of more electrical current.

Such devices are pretty used in most homes. A Statistica Global Consumer Survey of the USA in 2022 states that 32% of respondents had smart devices for electricity and lighting. Of course, the the average smart switch can help run your coffee maker or light the lamps.

However, you would need a heavy-duty smart switch for heavy-duty switching. For example, if you need to use an electric garage heater or something like that, an Aeotec heavy duty smart switch would be a good option.

You can automatically schedule the operation of devices that require high power with the Aeotec heavy duty smart switch. In addition, you can use this switch remotely as well.

This switch is built on the smart switch technology of Aeotec. You can automate it or even control it manually. Like other smart devices, it can be remotely monitored. In addition, this switch is integrated with the accurate and reliable power-consumption monitoring technology of Aeotec.

It can help supply power to even the big electronics and appliances such as electric car chargers, fridges, and pool pumps. The Aeotec heavy duty smart switch has a good load capacity and is easy to install. If you have a wire stripper and a screwdriver, you will be able to set it up.

You can use it both indoors and outdoors. It incorporates all the technologies crucial to make it work outdoors.

Let’s learn in detail about the features and compatibility of Aeotec heavy duty smart sensors.

What are the features of an Aeotec heavy duty smart switch?

The Aeotec heavy duty smart switch comes with multiple features. Let’s discuss its main features below.

1. Powerful Control

This smart switch can control up to 40 amp of power. Most of the big electronics, such as fridges, heaters, etc., require the same power. The Aeotec heavy duty smart switch is made for such big electronics since it can control up to 40 amps.

2. Automated

It’s not necessary to turn on your smart switch at the time when you need it. Aeotec heavy duty smart switch makes tasks easier for you. The switch allows you to automate and schedule the high-power electrical device’s operation in advance. It will automatically supply the power during the time for which you automated it.

3. Power Consumption Info

The Aeotec heavy duty smart switch provides real-time power consumption data. High-power electrical devices can consume a vast amount of electricity, increasing the bill. This smart switch can calculate and report electricity usage in watts and kilowatt-hours in real-time to give you a real-time idea of the costs you may incur.

4. Built-in Z-Wave Plus Technology

This smart switch comes with a built-in Z-Wave Plus technology, and automated controls are possible through this technology. Hence, you can use the Aeotec heavy duty smart switches with the Z-Wave remote controls and applications.

5. Indoor and Outdoor Usage

The Aeotec heavy duty smart switch is made in a way that you can use it both indoors and outdoors. Along with waterproofing, it has multiple technologies that make it perform flawlessly even outdoors.

6. Simple Installation

Handling the Aeotes heavy duty smart switch installation process isn’t that tough. As discussed, you can install it with only 2 additional tools. Once you safely turn off the power, you can install it and attach all the wire terminals with the heavy duty smart switch and power cable.

How Does Ezlo Product Help You?

When it comes to the Ezlo product, having a smart home automation device compatible with it can make tasks a lot easier. You won’t have to switch between applications to use different devices. Ezlo provides an all-in-one platform for all such devices, and you can manage it all through a single dashboard.

The Aeotec heavy-duty smart switch is compatible with Ezlo Plus, Ezlo Atom, Plug Hub, and Ezlo Secure products. Hence, you can use the smart switch efficiently along with your other smart devices with the help of the Ezlo product.

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