What is a 2gig Glass Break Sensor?

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You wouldn’t know when your home could be a victim of burglary. Furthermore, reports show that 1.04 million burglary cases were reported across the USA in 2020. That’s why precautions can be highly beneficial. Regarding home security and burglary prevention, 2gig glass break sensors can be beneficial for you.

A 2gig glass break sensor helps to detect any vibrations that come from the glass surface to where the sensor is attached or connected. It can communicate with your 2gig control panel effectively.

2gig Glass Break Sensor is a smart home security device that triggers an alarm or alert when someone tries to break into your house through a glass surface such as a glass door or window.

This sensor is handy for businesses as a better addition to smart security. You can connect it to other security devices like security cameras and access controls to get efficient results without any hassle.

The 2gig glass break sensor is like an additional security level since it detects and triggers when there is any sound or vibration on the glass.

It’s a modern solution that you can customize based on your requirements. Further, it’s based on advanced technology that can filter out the noises unrelated to the shattering or breaking of glass. Hence, it won’t start the alarm without the actual intrusion issues.

Now that you know what a 2gig glass break sensor is and what it does let’s learn more about its uses.

What are the Uses of a 2gig Glass Break Sensor?

There are several uses for a 2gig glass break sensor. First of all, it’s beneficial for home or facility security. Most of the time, such a sensor is used near glass storefront windows or glass doors. This is one of the best electronic burglar alarm systems. In addition to that, its connectivity to the 2gig control panel makes it even more advanced. Let’s get to some of its primary uses below.

  • Home Security
  • Store/Commercial Building Security
  • Advanced Level Smart Technology
  • Monitoring the Sound of Breaking Glass
  • Dual Technology Sensor

Home Security

As discussed earlier, the 2gig glass break sensor can help with enhancing your home security. It will be an exceptional integration with your other smart home security devices. You can sleep or do your work in peace without worrying about a burglar breaking in.

If the intruder tries to break in, you will get an immediate alert or alarm. The alarm itself can drive the burglar away most of the time since they might get scared of getting caught.

Store/Commercial Building Security

Office places and stores also have a chance of attracting burglars. Hence, it’s crucial to have the highest levels of security in those places.

The 2gig glass break detector will be beneficial with security cameras and other detectors. It will be even more beneficial since it’s connected to the 2Gig control panel.

You will even be able to get alerts directly on your smartphone. Hence, even if you aren’t at your office premises or store, you will still get alerts if someone is trying to break in.

Advanced Level Smart Technology

It is more advanced since it’s transferable to the 2gig control panel system. It directly connects to the control panel systems and does all the work itself.

First, you need to attach it to the glass surface and connect it to your 2gig system. After that, you can enjoy the benefits of its advanced-level innovative technology.

Monitoring the Sound of Breaking Glass

This device is used for monitoring the sound of breaking or shattering glasses. It gets activated through the sounds of waves that originate as a result of the breakage or shattering of glasses.

Hence, it monitors the sound patterns related to glass breakage or shattering. Also, it filters out all those noises that are not related to the breaking of a glass.

Dual Technology Sensor

It has the features of dual shatter recognition technology which helps to reduce false alarms. Its dual shatter technology allows it to access only the possible alarms.

In addition, the technology works simply but efficiently. Dual shatter technology means that it can detect two types of sound – a broken glass sound and low-frequency sound, i.e., sound vibrations.

Ezlo Product Compatibility

The 2gig glass break sensor does have compatibility with the Ezlo Secure product. Hence, you can now enjoy the enhanced advantages of the glass break sensor. This smart hub allows you to centralize all the smart devices at your home, including the 2gig glass break sensor.

Through one application, you will be able to quickly get access to your sensor along with the other smart home devices. Hence, you won’t have to switch between apps to use your 2gig glass break detector and other devices. It adds more convenience and efficiency.

Since the 2gig glass break sensor is compatible with Ezlo, you will be able to integrate it with any cloud applications and devices. As a result, it makes automating smart home devices’ actions easier. Not only that, but you can also view your smart devices in a single place.

2gig Glass Break Sensor FAQ
Are glass break sensors worth it?

Glass break sensors are convenient and unique to your home security system. In addition, they are also beneficial for office premises and shops. These devices are cost-effective and can determine when a burglar tries to break into the house.

What triggers a glass break sensor?

High-pitched sound frequencies related to the shattering or breaking of glass trigger the sensor. Not only that, but even the low-frequency sound (vibration) of glass shattering can trigger the sensor, which leads to an alarm or alert.

How do you reset a glass break sensor?

In most cases, you would notice a switch in the glass break sensor. You can find it below the battery compartment (in most cases). You can then start pressing that button a couple of times, then pause and repeat. It will help to reset the glass break sensor without hassle.

Will the house alarm go off if the window is broken?

Yes, if your glass break sensor is attached to your window, the alarm will be triggered if it sometimes tries breaking it open. Hence, no need to stress over your glass windows as long as the sensor is attached.

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