2gig Wireless Keypad

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What is a 2gig Wireless Keypad?

Gone are the days when technicians were required to install a home security system but now all plans are wireless and easy to install. Equipping a proper home security system for your home is the best way to ensure your family’s security.

Reports show that there were approximately 1.04 million cases of burglary reported across the USA in 2020. To ensure that your home isn’t at risk, you can get several security devices, including the 2GIG wireless keypad.

The 2GIG wireless keypad is a security product designed to ensure that you get the highest levels of security through your alarm systems. It’s a wall-mounted unit for 2GIG security panels. It sends signals to your alarm system and shows certain information on the display as well.

This keypad includes a simple number pad and quick arming keys. Along with that, it also includes fire and police panic buttons that you can use in case of emergencies. It operates at 345MHz with a max RF range of 350 feet when in the open air. It works on batteries; hence you won’t have to worry about your 2gig wireless keypad not working in terms of a power cut.

When you think that your home is at risk of burglary or intrusion, the emergency police button can help you alert the police. If you think there’s a fire at your home, you can push the fire button to ask for help. It’s a very handy device for home security. It’s a wireless touchpad keypad that is made for indoor use.

Learn more about how a 2GIG wireless keypad works and what are its benefits and compatibility below.

How does a 2gig Wireless Keypad Work?

The 2GIG wireless keypad works by sending alerts or commands to your alarm system. It also comes with emergency buttons. Keypads help to operate the alarm system and perform panel programming.

The 2GIG wireless keypads assist in monitoring sensors, disarming or arming the system, maintaining performance, and customizing other such alarm system security systems.

You can use security buttons or codes to customize your alarm system on this keypad. Think of it as inputting instructions through this keypad for your alarm system.

Once you attach the keypad to a place, you can connect it to your alarm system and start using this smart security device without hassle.

The 2GIG wireless keypad receives signals from your sensors and gives you an overview of the security of your home. The keypad works by using specific authorization codes that you can choose when you set it up initially. Hence, you shouldn’t keep them written somewhere where intruders can get them.

It can benefit you irrespective of the place you attach it to. Let’s learn more about the benefits of the 2GIG wireless keypad below:

AGSHome Door Sensor Product Description

  • Less Hostile


  • Built-in emergency buttons


  • Direct communication with the alarm system


  • Easy to use


  • Enhances Security


1. Less Hostile

The traditional way of home security required hardwired to be the home’s infrastructure. Wired devices can be quite an invasive installation and require even drilling and risky electrical work. It used to be more hostile.

However, the wireless security system is better. A wireless keypad is more affordable and less invasive. Furthermore, its installation is easier.

2. Built-in emergency buttons

The 2GIG wireless keypad comes with built-in fire and police emergency buttons. That way, you can worry less about your home’s security or intrusion. You can push any of these buttons in case of emergencies, and help will arrive. It’s one of the best ways to ensure that no intruder or burglar can do anything in your home.

3. Direct communication with the alarm system

The wireless keypad has a direct connection to the alarm systems of your home. Hence, communication between the two will be faster and easier. That way, you can simply use this device.

4. Easy to use

The wireless keypad is easy to use and install. All you have to do is attach the keypad to a place in your home and connect it to your security systems. Then you will be able to connect your devices without any hassle.

5. Enhances security

The wireless keypad helps enhance the security of the home since it connects to the alarm systems and even allows you to manage the same through codes. They send signals to your alarm systems and can help you call for help without needing your phone. In addition to that, you can easily arm and disarm the alarm systems of your home through the 2GIG wireless keypad.                             

Ezlo 2gig Wireless Keypad Product Compatibility

The 2GIG wireless keypad (345MHz) is compatible with the Ezlo secure product when it comes to smart hub compatibility. Due to its compatibility, smart home security management would be a lot easier for you. You can connect the keypad to the other home security systems and manage its settings from a single platform through Ezlo.

Ezlo compatibility with the 2GIG wireless keypad is quite beneficial since all your smart home security devices will be connected at a single interface, including this keypad.

2gig Wireless Keypad Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I pair my 2GIG keypad?

First, you have to select the system configuration option from the installer toolbox of the control panel. Then go to keypads and select one of the 8 keypad slots. Then click on the “edit keypad” button and press “pair” under Device ID. After that, you have to power up your keypad and press the pair button.

Q2. Is Vivint a 2GIG?

As it turns out, Vivint is one of the largest customers of 2GIG, and its multiple products are made from 2GIG offerings, including home alarm systems.

Q3. Is 2GIG Zwave?

Although 2GIG and Zwave are different, the 2GIG products have compatibility with Z-Wave’s sensors and other accessories. It helps with providing enhanced security and convenience in terms of smart home security systems.

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