4 More Clever Uses For Your Smart Plugs

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As we mentioned in our article “8 Awesome Things You Can Do With Smart Plugs“, smart plugs are a simple and inexpensive way to make your mornings easier, save energy, and more. Just plug one into the wall, then plug a lamp or other electric device into the smart plug, and you’ve turned a standard appliance into a smart one. By popular demand, we’re expanding on our previous list with 4 more clever uses for your smart plugs.

Stop yourself from stubbing a toe

Do you stumble around after turning off the living room lights to go to bed? Plug a lamp into a smart plug and leave it on when you decide to call it a night. Then, once you’re safely in your bed, use the app to switch off the light.

Make sure nothing is burning

How many times have you left your home and found yourself wondering if you forgot to turn off the oven or the iron? Immediately fearing the worst, you picture your whole house on fire and run back home to investigate. By adding a smart plug, you can use a geofence trigger to automatically switch off an appliance when you get to the end of your street.

Important note: Make sure you only use smart plugs that are rated for the power draw required by these appliances.

Regulate humidity without breaking the bank

If your home is too damp, mold may grow; if it is too dry, breathing problems can occur. Complete humidity control solutions are costly, but simply adding smart plugs to control off-the-shelf humidifiers and dehumidifiers adds the desired comfort at a fraction of the cost. You’ll also need an external multi-sensor, such as the Aeotec MultiSensor 6, to monitor the environment.

All you have to do now is to create a scene that turns on the humidifier when the humidity falls below 35% and turns it off when it reaches 45%. Also, you can set the dehumidifier to turn on when the humidity rises above 50% and off when it reaches 40%.

Turn anything on or off with your voice

Plug your TV or Xbox into a smart plug and you get instant voice control for when your kids are ready to rumble.

With Ezlo VOI, your kids can use Alexa or Google to turn the TV on or off, eliminating the need for them to even get up from the couch. And if your kids won’t stop when asked, you can turn the Xbox off remotely from your mobile app when it’s time for homework.

Whether you have a TV, kettle, lamp or stove, or something else connected to a smart plug—when you switch off for the night, so do your electronics! For convenience, energy savings, peace of mind, and more, you can’t beat the power of a smart plug.

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