Set-up Your First Smart Home In Just 3 Easy Steps

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We hear a lot that one of the main reasons people don’t buy smart home technology—even if they’re interested in it—is because they’re worried about the setup being complicated. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Begin right away in three simple steps:

Choose a hub based on your needs

If you want to use smart home devices from multiple manufacturers, you’ll need a smart home hub to get them all working together, and a corresponding app to control them all.

Choosing the right hub is a matter of understanding your future needs as well as your location.

Some hubs, such as the Ezlo Atom or Ezlo Plug Hub Energy, are the simplest and most cost-effective ways to get started if you have a small condo or apartment and want to connect lights, thermostats, or sensors without drilling into the walls. These hubs use the Z-Wave communication protocol to talk to other devices, and there are thousands of affordable Z-Wave devices available.

Other home automation hubs support multiple communication protocols, so if you intend to expand your setup with more than one type of radio, such as Zigbee or Wi-FI, you should consider a multi-radio hub, such as Ezlo Plus. If you’re concerned about security and want the added peace of mind of backup 4G connectivity and a battery to keep things running in the event of a power outage, an Ezlo Secure will be ideal.

Pick the right devices for your home

How do you decide which smart home products are right for you when there are thousands on the market? Start with the ones that make sense for your life. If you’re security minded, consider starting with door/window sensors, motion sensors and smart doorbells. Are you looking to automate some of your day-to-day activities and add some comfort to your life? Consider using a smart thermostat, smart light bulbs, and smart outlets to turn standard appliances into smart ones.

While the cost of these items can quickly add up, many popular options are reasonably priced, and you can always start small and grow your system along the way.

Add a voice assistant

Many people get interested in smart home technology from their voice assistant. So why would you need a separate control hub? Most voice assistants don’t enable control of door locks and other security-minded devices. This can lead to people having different smart systems that do different things.  With Ezlo, however, you can incorporate everything into a single system. Our Ezlo VOI feature lets you control devices associated with Alexa or Google Home, as well as those connected to your Ezlo hub. Plus, you can even text your voice assistant late at night so you won’t wake the whole house.

With these three easy steps, anyone can get a smart home system up and running in almost no time. If you find a platform like Ezlo that helps you start small and think big, then you’re limited only by your imagination.

Want to learn more about our platform? Check us out at ezlo.com

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