Aeotec Micro Dimmer Product Overview

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Smart automation at home is emerging as a part of the technology trends nowadays. The smart lighting controls market is also growing. Reports show that the worldwide intelligent lighting controls market revenue in 2017 was worth 721.1 million USD. When it comes to smart intelligent lighting controls, the Aeotec micro dimmer is exceptional.

This dimmer enhances the way your home’s lighting works. The Aeotec micro dimmer is a variable controller switch that helps you regulate the flow of electricity on your lights.

Hence, whether you want to create dimmed lighting at home or make the lights brighter, using this dimmer would help. When you use the Aeotec micro dimmer, you won’t even have to change the old lighting systems. You can enhance how the light works with just this switch and without any other changes.

Sometimes, having bright light can be too much and even increase the electricity costs. Furthermore, you may want to enjoy dim lights and create a soothing ambiance at your home without switching off the lights completely. In such cases, you can use the Aeotec micro dimmer with ease.

This switch can make your home look the way you never got to see before. You can change the vibes of your rooms instantly. This dimmer is small in size and works with control panel systems. You can use this switch both indoors and outdoors.

It’s a unique and simple home automation tool that won’t even be visible. It can fit within your home’s walls and turn regular switches into smart ones. Hence, you can simply install it behind your existing switches without having to replace them all. Let’s learn more about the features and benefits of the Aeotec micro dimmer below.

Features & Benefits of an Aeotec micro dimmer

The Aeotec micro dimmer comes with multiple benefits and exceptional features. It’s based on smart technology and is small. It will be invisible since it’s small and can be fitted behind the existing switches. Let’s discuss the features and benefits of the Aeotec micro dimmer in detail below.

1. Big in potential and small in size

Every time, you will be able to get the perfect lighting. Wanted to dim the lights to have a romantic dinner? Check! Wanted to make the lights brighter when doing work requiring extreme details? Check. This small dimmer comes with significant potential and benefits. Fitting this small device at your home is more effortless. The Aeotec micro dimmer is designed to work with your home’s existing technology and turns your existing switch into a smart switch.

2. Invisible yet beneficial

The Aeotec micro dimmer comes with an invisible range. It has been developed to provide advantages to the users. It has precise control and includes perfect light automation features. The switch doesn’t change the entire ambiance or aesthetics of your home. Instead, it tweaks it a bit to suit your mood and requirements. In addition, this device will be invisible since you can fit it behind your existing wall switches.

3. Dimming and scene control

The Aeotec micro dimmer helps dim your lights and enables controlling your home’s scene as per the vibes you want. You can set an aesthetic atmosphere at your home by dimming your lights directly from your smartphone.

4. Scheduling the lights

The best part of the Aeotec micro dimmer is that you can schedule when you want to dim or brighten the lights. For example, if you return home from work at 6 pm, you can set the switch to brighten or dim the lights.

5. Indoors & Outdoors usage

This dimmer doesn’t only work indoors. It also works outdoors. Hence, if you want to add these features to your backyard, that’s possible too. Dust or outdoor weather can’t affect this device.

6. Energy Saving

If you look forward to optimizing energy usage, the Aeotec micro dimmer would be helpful. It allows you to dim the lights anytime. When you dim a light, less electrical power will be supplied to it. As a result, there will be less energy consumption, leading to reduced electricity bills.

7. Wireless Communication and Remote Control

Since the Aeotecf micro dimmer is based on smart technology, it can work through wireless communication. It has an excellent wireless range and can be controlled directly from your smartphone through an application. You can control the switch no matter where you are due to its smart wireless technology.

8. Z-wave connectivity

The Aeotec micro dimmer incorporates the Z-wave technology, which makes wireless communication of the device more advanced. That’s why it turns regular switches into Z-wave switches. You can easily use this device with your Z-wave control panel system.

Ezlo Product Recommendation

The Ezlo product comes with groundbreaking automation features and the latest technology. These devices are versatile, powerful and compatible. The Aeotec micro dimmer has compatibility with the Ezlo Atom, Ezlo Atom, Plug Hub, Ezlo Plus and Ezlo Secure products.

This compatibility enables you to command the Aeotec micro dimmer and other smart home devices (compatible with Ezlo) with a single interface. Since the Ezlo smart hubs include voice control features integrated with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant with Ezlo VOI, you can even control your smart home devices with voice commands, including the dimmer switch.

In addition, the dashboard enables you to customize your smart home devices based on your requirements, such as setting schedules or monitoring.

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