Dome Home Automation Door and Window Sensor

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The Dome home automation door and window sensor is a battery-operated Z-Wave Plus magnetic reed switch. It can track the state of doors, windows, and other opening and closing devices. Additionally, you can also set it to tell you the room temperature.

Dome Home Automation Door and Window Sensor

The “sensor” and the “magnet” are the two components that make up the door/window sensor. The sensor has a “reed switch” that, when properly aligned and within the predetermined distance, can detect the presence of the magnet.

The sensor will notify its Z-Wave controller of its open and close status when the magnet and sensor are brought together or separated. Encrypted wireless communication assures the security of user data. The communication method used by many manufacturers, Z-Wave, allows the Door and Window Sensor to interact with various goods from various categories.

Key Features:

  • Z-Wave Plus Certified
  • S0 Security-Enabled
  • Built-In Temperature Sensor
  • Up to 250′ range
  • Ten-Year Battery Life
  • LED Signal Strength Indication
  • 1.25″ Max distance between sensor & magnet
  • Ultra-narrow (1/4″) Magnet for Placement Between Door and Casing
  • Monitor doors, windows, medicine cabinets, drawers, garage doors, and many other openings

Fresh Installation

  • Move the Door and Window Sensor to the intended place for use to ensure correct inclusion.
  • To enter inclusion mode, follow the guidelines for your Z-Wave controller.
  • Take out the Battery Tab sticking out of the Battery Tab Slit.
  • The LED Indicator will alternate between green and red for two minutes while the gadget enters inclusion mode automatically.

The LED Indicator will flash green three times after successful insertion and then remain lit.


  • Move the Door/Window Sensor to the desired usage place so it may be included appropriately.
  • To enter inclusion mode, follow the directions for your Z-Wave controller.
  • When the sensor cover is removed, the LED Indicator will begin to flash yellow.
  • Quickly press the button three times simultaneously.
  • The LED Indicator will alternate between green and red for two minutes when the device enters inclusion mode.

The LED Indicator will light green three times after successful insertion before blinking red till the lid is reinstalled.

Exclusion (Remove from System)

To enter exclusion mode, follow the instructions for your Z-Wave Certified Controller. Then, in response to the controller’s prompt:

  • When you remove the sensor cover, a red LED indicator will begin to flicker.
  • Quickly press the button three times in succession.

The LED Indicator will flash green three times, signifying exclusion or disconnect. Then it will flash red repeatedly until the lid is replaced, indicating tamper.

Getting up, The window and door sensor

The Door and Window Sensor is a battery-powered device. It periodically awakens to provide the controller with battery and other status updates and takes configuration settings from the controller. This contributes to longer battery life. When inserted, the Sensor Cover holds down the button.

Still, it may be quickly removed and replaced to encourage the gadget to wake up, accept new settings, or submit data. In addition, the LED Indicator will blink red if the device is already a part of a system up until the cover is closed.

Benefits of Dome Home Automation Door and Window Sensor?

The two primary benefits of using these sensors are convenience and increased security. However, placing these sensors in your home will also provide many other benefits. Let’s quickly review some additional advantages of utilizing these sensors in your home or at a business location.

No Chance of housebreaking

Adopting door sensor technology gives you the benefit of being able to keep an eye on your entries and exits even while you are not at home. After turning on the door and window sensors, you will receive home security warnings from the security system.

The security service provider will be informed and contact the appropriate authorities to take prompt action. It is one of the prime reasons to install window and door sensors in your house or workplace.

Protect the people you love

These sensors might be helpful if you have children in your home, and they sometimes open the door to the outside without telling you. When you’re at work, you can lock your doors with your smartphone and track who has unlocked them to leave the building.

Additional Restrictions

When the security system is implemented, nobody will be able to break in through the doors or windows. The mechanism will sound the alarm if someone attempts it, in addition to serving as a warning to criminals.

The Dome home automation door and window sensor will inform you that an attempt is being made to break in. In addition, a sounding alarm will usually dissuade anyone attempting to break in, even if you are not home.

Ezlo Products You Must Buy

With the Dome home automation door and window sensor, you should go for the Ezlo. The Ezlo Home Controller is an advanced home automation gateway that allows you to manage and control your home automation devices.

Also, you can take a look at Vera Secure and Ezlo Plus. This intelligent home automation controller handles all communication and coordination between your Z-Wave, Zigbee, and Wi-Fi-connected devices.

The Domitech Z Wave Smart Led Light Bulb is compatible with the Ezlo Atom, Plug Hub, Ezlo Plus, and Ezlo Secure devices, which help to increase the Domitech Z Wave Smart Led Light Bulb’s efficiency.


Your family’s safety and security, as well as that of your assets, is essential, and you will go to any possible lengths to ensure it. The best thing you can do right now to increase the protection of your house and possessions is to install door and window sensors. Thanks to this technology, you may have perfect peace of mind knowing that it is tough for thieves to get in.

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