What is an Aeotec wall swipe?

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Wall swipe offers smart and practical capacitive wall switch and motion switch control by integrating with Aeotec’s Nano Dimmer, Nano Switch, or Nano Shutter in-wall controllers. A screw-less switch plate for wall switch installations is included with the wall swipe. Your fingertips are given access to an entirely new level of control when the Aeotec wall swipe is connected to a Nano Dimmer, Nano Shutter, or Nano Switch. You can operate whatever wall swipe is connected to by simply tapping a touch slide or making a motion.

By enhancing the capabilities of Aeotec’s Nano line of in-wall Z-Wave controllers, wall swipe provides a wide variety of wall switch commands, including tapping, long-pressing, swiping, and sliding. Thanks to the built-in IR sensor, you can use gestures to operate the wall switch with a wall swipe up to 5.9 inches away.

How does an Aeotec wall swipe work?

The installation process entails:

Step 1:To enable intelligent Z-Wave control of the linked lighting or motor, your electrician will add a Nano Dimmer, Nano Switch, or Nano Shutter to your electrical circuit.

Step 2: The provided connector cable is connected to your Nano module to link to the wall swipe. Your Nano module is then securely kept in place in the unique built-in holder on the back of the Aeotec wall swipe.

Step 3: Your electrician will next mount your wall switch holder with the wall swipe and supplied switch faceplate. Clever switches can now control your advanced smart home because the job is done.

The following demonstrates how it works:

On and Off control is provided through wall switches. A single manual light adjustment is available on standard dimmer switches. Wall swipe combines the power of the interconnected Nano modules, a presence sensor, and touch-sensitive glass often seen in smartphones to create a Z-Wave switch.

Slide: You can adjust the settings of anything connected to the sensitive glass. To manipulate the curtains or lights, slide them up or down.

Swipe: Use your hand to wave in front of the wall and swipe to command your switches without touching them. Thanks to the wall swipe’s 6 cm IR sensor, you might use your switch without even noticing it, which works in light and darkness.

Tap:There are 11 separate touch-sensitive control zones on the glass surface. Wall swipe will switch to any of them when you tap on one. 50% dimming of the lights? Halfway tap. Are the blinds on the windows entirely open? Tap at the top.

Touch: Not all wall swipe sophisticated features need to be used. Wall swipe can be used as a basic on/off switch for more effortless operation. Tap your electronics and lights on, then tap them off once more. With a single touch, drapes can be fully opened or closed.

What are the features of using an Aeotec wall swipe?

The slider indicating lights represent various features when used as a dimmer, switch, or motor controller. The packaging includes a wall swipe, a user guide, a connection cable, and two screws.

Multi-touch control: To operate whatever your wall swipe is linked to, such as your appliances, curtains, fans, windows, and more, use touch, tap, swipe, or slide movements.

Touch-sensitive glass: uses a presence sensor and touch-sensitive glass typically found in smartphones to create an integrated multi-gesture control panel.

Indicator lights reflect different features: When acting as a dimmer, switch, or motor controller, the indicator lights on the slider reflect various functionalities.

Disable gesture control: If you install two or more wall swipes, disable motion control to eliminate unintentional commands.

Partners with nanodevices for intelligent control:provides intelligent and practical motion switch control and capacitive wall switch when connected to Nano switch, Nano Dimmer, and Nano Switch control.

Ezlo Product Compatibility

Aeotec wall swipe is compatible with the Ezlo Atom, Ezlo Atom, Plug Hub, Ezlo Plus, and Ezlo Secure products, which helps improve the efficiency of the Aeotec wall swipe. Any Nano in-wall products from Aeotec are immediately compatible with and necessary for wall swipe. The system functions as a motor controller, one load switch, two load switches, and a dimmer.

This product entails classic style and advanced capabilities, making it ideal for home use. Wall swipe offers smart and practical capacitive wall switch and motion switch control by integrating with Aeotec’s in-wall controllers. A screw-less switch plate for wall switch installations is included with the wall swipe.

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