Aeotec Z Wave Micro Dimmer 2nd Edition Product Overview

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Want to turn your existing switches into smart switches? After all, the increasing popularity of home security systems makes people interested in adding more smart devices to their homes. The Aeotec Z wave micro dimmer 2nd edition is a device that can turn your regular switches into smart switches.

The number of smart homes is increasing day by day. A 2020 report shows that the number of Smart Homes in the market was estimated to be 58,2 million in the USA. This shows how more and more people are adapting to smart home technologies nowadays.

The Aeotec Z wave micro dinner 2nd edition is a smart device that’s crafted cleverly to fit into your walls without hassle. This low-cost in-wall dimmer can control the lights at your home with ease. You can dim or brighten your lights by using this device with a control panel.

This device connects to the lighting systems using Z-wave technology. In addition,it is powered by Aeotec’s Ge2 technology. This device can automate lighting with wireless technology. It has compatibility with multiple smart control panels and can help to turn off or on the lights remotely.

You can control or dim it all with your phone, whether halogen, incandescent, or LED bulbs. This dimmer is designed to control the energy consumption of the lights as well. It enables you to dim the lights to save more power.

Features of an Aeotec z wave micro dimmer 2nd edition

The Aeotec Z wave micro dimmer 2nd edition is a wall dimmer that enables remote lighting control. It comes with certain features that make it highly useful. Let’s get to its primary features below:

1. Low Cost & Energy Saving

The Aeotec Z Wave micro dimmer 2nd edition is a low-cost device. When you use this dimmer, you can dim your home’s lights. It dims the lights by lowering the power supply to the lights. Hence, since there will be less electricity supplied to the lights, your electricity consumption will decrease as well. It helps to save energy. When you are saving electricity, you are saving your costs as well.

2. Changes to the regular switches

All your regular switches can become advanced whether you have an on/off or momentary switch. How? The Aeotec Z wave micro dimmer 2nd edition can transform your regular switches into Z-wave dimming switches. It means that you will be able to command and control the lights using your regular switches if you attach the micro dimmer.

3. Compatibility

The Aeotec Z wave micro dimmer 2nd edition works exceptionally. However, it’s compatible only with certain LED bulbs. These bulbs include:

  • TRIAC Dimmable / Leading Edge bulbs
  • Without any LED drivers or transformer connected in between
  • 100 – 220VAC input required for LED bulbs

These LED bulbs are compatible with this dimmer, and you can control them with it without any hassle.

4. Transforming your bulbs

The dimmer makes a regular switch into a smart one, but it also changes your bulbs. After activating the dimmer, your bulb will also transform into smart bulbs as you’ll be able to make them dim anytime you want with the dimmer. It works flawlessly without any additional costs. Whether you want to watch movies or sit in peace, you can dim the lights.

Similarly, you can make the lights brighter if you want to eat dinner. Furthermore, since it changes your regular bulbs into smart ones, you won’t have to buy them. Hence, you will save additional costs.

5. Works with application

This dimmer is made using advanced technology. Hence, it has exceptional features, including being controlled using an application. It works on a wireless network, and you can download an application there. From the application, you will be able to control the switch and make your lights dim or bright whenever you require. You can also switch it manually if you don’t want to use your mobile phone to control it.

6. Effortless installation

Once you position all the wives and place the dimmer inside your wall, you can position its antenna away from the wirings. After that, you can reinstall the wall switch into the wall and place the cover plate on it. Then, restoring the power will complete the installation process. Hence, installing it is effortless. However, remember that you turn off the power for the circuit breaker or fuse before installing the dimmer switch.

Ezlo Product Recommendation

Smart devices nowadays work even better with smart hubs. The Ezlo smart hub can make tasks a lot easier for you to control your home automation devices. That’s why Ezlo compatibility with smart devices matters.

The good thing is that the Aeotec Z Wave micro dimmer 2nd edition is also compatible with Ezlo, like its previous version. It has compatibility with the Ezlo Atom, Ezlo Atom, Plug Hub, Ezlo Plus and Ezlo Secure products.

This compatibility will be handy in improving the efficiency of the dimmer. You will be able to use the dimmer and other home automation devices through one smart hub. You won’t have to switch between applications to control and customize different devices. You can do it through a single platform.

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