What is an Aeotic Door Window Sensor?

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Whether you live alone or with your family, home security is crucial for all. You might have heard about cases of intrusions, burglary, and even worst happening around you.

A 2017 report shows that 77% of the respondents were satisfied with using smart door/window sensors and would buy them again.

An Aeotic door window sensor is a beneficial device if you want enhanced security. It’s a 2-in-1 sensor that works both on windows and doors.

When a door or window opens, your automation system may alert you and activate compatible security cameras, alarms, and other security devices.

It works with the help of a sensor and a magnet. The sensor is either positioned on or within the door or window frame. The magnet is placed inside or connected to the door or window.

When the door or window opens, the magnet separates from the sensor, causing it to activate. The Aeotic door window sensor may be used not only on windows and doors but also on cabinets for further security.

The Aeotic door window sensor is easy to install. With the included double-sided tape, you may attach it to any door or window frame. It’s also compact and accommodates smaller spaces.

Learn more about how the Aeotic door window sensor works in home security and why you would need Ezlo for its better performance below.

What are the benefits of the Aeotec door window sensor?

Yes, you want cameras, an alarm system, and a keypad that serves as your “command center.” However, you won’t be able to effectively secure your windows or doors without window and door sensors.

Let’s look at why is that so through its benefits below.

#1. Keep Out Intruders

When you install and activate Aeotic door window sensors, your home security system will alert you whenever the sensors are triggered. If your home security system has a monitoring feature, the service provider will be notified whenever the sensors are triggered, allowing you to respond quickly.

#2. Keeping Home Safe and Secure

Did you know that the Aeotic door window sensor may also protect your loved ones secure inside the house? These sensors can help if you have children who frequently open the door to walk outdoors without alerting you.

If you are someone with kids, then you may constantly be worried that the small kids don’t go out by themselves. However, since the Aeotec door window sensor alerts you on the opening or closing status of your entry and exit points, you will know instantly if that happens.

#3. Smart Technology

Aeotic door window sensors can provide the intelligence that powers your smart home. Everything from the lights and alarms to the heating can be turned on when you enter a room. It might serve as a reminder to close any open doors or windows. You can easily maintain it and check the status of your windows and doors from anywhere using your cell phone.

#4. No Installation Complications

The best thing about Aeotic door window sensors is how easy they are to install. Its setup procedures are simple and quick. Since the smart door/window sensor is mounted on the door/window itself, no wear and tear are necessary for your freshly created home or workplace.

#5. Remote Control

When you’re at the office, you may use your smartphone to lock your doors and track who has opened the door to go outside. You can be sure that your home is secure and that no one tried to break their way into your home. Even if they do try to enter, you will get instant alerts and you can contact the police.

Why do you need the Ezlo Product?

When you integrate the Aeotic door window sensor with the Ezlo product, you will be able to get benefits the best possible way. You will get access to a whole new concept of managing your home security systems. It will enable you to access all of your smart devices through one interface, and even the Aeotic door window sensor will be connected to it.

The best part here is that the Aeotic door window sensor is compatible with Ezlo Atom, Plug Hub, Ezlo Secure, and Ezlo Plus products. It means that you will be able to use the sensor more efficiently and productively.

Aeotec door window sensor FAQ

Q1. How does a door and window sensor work?

A door and window sensor works with 2 parts – a magnet and a sensor that will be attached to your door and window. If someone tries to open the doors/windows, the magnet will get separated from the sensor, hence triggering an alarm or alert notifying you of the intrusion.

Q2. What is a door window sensor?

A door window sensor is a smart sensor that alerts and provides details on the opening/closing status of doors and windows.

Q3. Why are my door sensors not working

If your door sensors aren’t working, it could be due to a dead battery. Thus, first, you should check the battery of your wireless door sensor and replace it before the battery drains out of power. It may also happen due to malfunctioning door sensors if it’s out of the panel’s range. If that’s the case, then you can try using range extenders.

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