Internet of Things

Eaton Wifi Smart
17 May

What is the Aeon Labs Smart Switch 6?

With the enhanced technological advancement, smart devices are becoming popular for home automation. Reports show that the smart home market revenue of the USA increased to over 28.8 billion US dollars. When it comes to smart home technology, one of the devices you can get is the Aeon Labs Smart Switch 6. The Smart Switch

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16 May

What is a 2GIG Radio Thermostat?

Do you want better thermostat control for your home system? If so, the 2gig radio thermostat z wave is wifi enabled. Such smart thermostats are highly popular nowadays. According to NMSC, the global market value of smart thermostats was 2.2 billion US dollars in 2020. The 2gig ct 30 radio thermostat z wave is a

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Panic Button
12 May

What is a 2gig recessed door sensor battery?

Recessed door sensors can be a valuable addition to keep your home security system perfect. They are highly beneficial and are excellent for monitoring our door’s status. However, these sensors require batteries to function. Hence, you might need the 2gig recessed door sensor battery for this purpose. A door mistakenly left open can be quite

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2GIG Garage Door Sensor
09 May

2GIG Garage Door Sensor (345 MHz)

Safety sensors are intended to avoid accidents caused by automated garage doors, which have resulted in major automotive damage, as well as injuries and deaths among humans and animals. Garage door sensors are crucial if you want to maintain your garage effectively. They can notify you when there is a tilt taking place. Not only

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