Internet of Things

26 May

Aeotec Heavy Duty Smart Switch Product Overview

All the homes have available smart switches, probably from different brands. Furthermore, you wouldn’t find any shortage of such switches. However, these switches can handle merely anywhere between 10-15 amps of electrical current. That’s why you would need an Aeotec heavy-duty smart switch if you require the usage of more electrical current. Such devices are

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What is an Aeotec door window sensor 6?
25 May

What is an Aeotec door window sensor 6?

Door and window sensors are must-have devices for home security systems. They can promptly notify you if someone tries to enter your home through a door or window. As per a USA report, around 77% of the respondents stated owning door/window sensors in 2017. Hence, you can see how its popularity and usage increase with

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2GIG Wireless Keypad (345 MHz)
19 May

2gig Wireless Keypad

What is a 2gig Wireless Keypad? Gone are the days when technicians were required to install a home security system but now all plans are wireless and easy to install. Equipping a proper home security system for your home is the best way to ensure your family’s security. Reports show that there were approximately 1.04

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18 May

What is a 2gig Smoke Detector?

Whether you are into home automation or not, a smoke detector is a must-have in all homes. Reports show that the number of deaths from flames, fire, or smoke in 2020 was 2,951. That’s why you need to take precautions, which is possible with the help of a 2GIG smoke detector. A 2GIG smoke detector

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