Centralite Micro Door Sensor

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Welcoming new faces into your home can sometimes be risky, as they can be thieves behind the mask of friends. You never know what will happen after they appear; it could be life-threatening or loss of valuable property. For your safety and to keep valuables safe, modern technology is offering offer you a micro door sensor. Not only for home security, installing a door sensor can help make the home automatic, as well as modern.

Also called entry, otherwise contact, and entry sensors, these sensors alert you by making noises in the form of an alarm when an unknown thief tries to open the door. Due to the increasing cases of theft and trespass, more and more owners are now aware of the micro door sensor. Being a security device, it plays a vital role in home security systems. The usage of these sensors can be done with two parts that are connected in parallel to each other.

If you are also concerned about the security of your home or one of those who are fond of collecting valuables like jewelry, stones, and tools and want them to stay away from the sight of thieves, then installing a central micro door sensor is a must.

So, let us take an in-depth look at the centralite micro door sensor, its benefits, and why it might not work.

What is a Centralite Micro Door Sensor?

The Centralite Micro Door Sensor 3 series is an intelligent yet affordable device and is small and portable. By installing this device in your smart home, you can benefit in many ways, including keeping robbers away, providing maximum security, peace of mind, and child safety, and getting rid of danger.

However, it senses the opening and closing of windows and doors in your home and wirelessly notifies users of departures and arrivals. A centralite micro door sensor consists of a base, mounted to the window or door frame, and a magnet to be installed on the window or door.

When installed anywhere in the house, this wireless device can detect specific movements such as temperature, and movement, in addition to closing and opening doors or windows. The best part is that it can guide other smart devices without the need for any direct effort or command on your part.

The Centralite Micro Door Sensor can also be used to tell when repair technicians and contractors enter and leave your home, thus alerting you at all times when you are somewhere busy.

What are the benefits of a Centralite Micro Door Sensor?

Installing a budget-friendly door sensor like the centralite micro door sensor will help protect your loved ones and home from unauthorized persons or criminals when you are on the way, or in the office. Now, let us discuss how Centralite Micro Door Sensors can be beneficial.

1. Save power consumption

Aside from adding convenience and some surprising aspects, a centralite micro door sensor is a smart tool for saving electricity around the house. By installing it, you can cut down on your monthly bills, and this way, you can save a hefty amount on annual bills.

It commands switches, smart bulbs, speakers, radios, televisions, curling irons, and coffee pots to turn off automatically when a room is left empty for too long or when you leave for work in the morning. Sensors installed on windows or doors can signal a smart thermostat to be closed when closed or turned back on when opened.

2. Add security to home and office

Another advantage of installing a centralite micro door sensor is that it will modify home security to a great extent. Unlike Easy breakable &  traditional locks that need to be locked with keys, this micro door sensor automatically locks the door. It is going to be difficult for any thief to break this security system.

3. Every day’s appearance activity on a phone

If you wish to know about the daily appearance activity of your office or home after assembling the centralite micro door sensor, you need to install a relevant app. After this, you will be able to monitor every activity through an app on your smartphone.

What are the Possible Problems with a Centralite Micro Door Sensor?

If your centralite micro door sensor is not working or you face problems with that, there might be multiple reasons behind it. Some of them are as follows:

  • 1.Damaged or Disconnected Wires
  • 2.An issue with magnet or sensor distance
  • 3. Battery is damaged
  • 4.An issue with a security system
  • 5. The magnet/sensor has gone faculty
  • 6.Improper installation

Ezlo Product Recommendation

Centralite Micro Door Sensor is compatible with the Ezlo Atom, Ezlo Atom, Plug Hub, Ezlo Plus, and Ezlo Secure products which helps improve the efficiency of the Centralite water leak sensor.


So, if you’re looking for security, automation, or an affordable way to understand your existing connected home systems, a centralite micro door sensor can be an excellent choice.

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