The Year in Review – Our Top 5 Blogs Posts of 2023

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As 2023 comes to a close we’ve looked back and seen how most of our normal routines changed immediately as the new pandemic settled in, with people staying inside more our home became a place for school and work, as well as for cooking and enjoying the presence of our pets and loved ones. This meant that the technology around our home has instantly become the much-needed support we’ve been looking for since we installed it but never really paid attention to how important it is in helping us with our daily lives and chores. Here is a list of the most popular blog posts that kept our reader’s interest high in 2023:

10 Things The Ezlo Atom Can Do For You

Our first big “small” launch of 2020 was the Ezlo Atom, our smallest smart hub yet. It instantly became a favorite among our first-time customers who wanted something affordable and easy to install and check out the benefits of a smart home, without breaking the bank or needing a lot of technical skill to set it up. We’ve come in aid with a list of 10 things you can immediately do with Atom, once you plug it in.

5 Renter-friendly tips to smarten up your apartment

We’ve been asked: “What about us, the apartment dwellers? Is there such a thing as a smart home for someone that is on the go and never really allowed to drill holes and draw cables to get some of the benefits of a smart home?” The answer is short and simple: Smart home is for everyone! You don’t have to wait until you own a home to start a smart home. If you rent, you can still enjoy the same benefits with a simple, wire-free setup.

Smart Devices For Your Pets

One of our favorite stories, this year has been this one. Everyone loves their furry friends and we surely got to spend a lot more time with them this year. However, we can’t be with our pets all the time and, as any other member of our family, we want to give them the best. That’s why we’ve come up with a list of scenarios in which your existing smart home devices can also make you a better friend to your furry loved ones.

8 Awesome Things You Can Do With Just Your Smart Home Sensors

Sensors are everywhere these days and we all know that they have all kinds of practical applications that you might not consider at first, so we’ve compiled a list of eight new ways to put your sensors to use and make your daily routines more enjoyable.

5 Myths about Smart Homes

The idea of the smart home has been around for a while and over time, there are some things that were once widely believed, and some of which have been rendered incorrect by the technology advancements. If you’re still thinking that smart homes are expensive or not a necessity, read our article.

2023 was a year of global change and technology has been the pillar that improved our safety and lives. We’ve found new ways of saving time, energy, and even have some fun while doing it. Thanks, everyone for reading our blog and enjoying our content.

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