Dome Door Window Sensor Pro

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Haven’t installed a door window sensor yet because of being unaware of the benefits? Door window sensor has become a basic necessity of every premise, as you can’t find out which burglar’s eyes are on your house. Hence, it can be beneficial to assemble a door window sensor to keep yourself away from any mischief or dangerous activity that may happen at any time.

Also called contact sensors, door window sensors typically get triggered when someone opens a window or entranceway without authorization.

One report states that there are more than 3000 robberies in the US every day, especially during the day. Due to this reason, you need to understand that security and home security must constantly be upgraded and updated.

With the dome door window sensor pro, you can have peace of mind, whether you are at home or on the way.

What is a Dome Door Window Sensor Pro?

The Dome Door Window Sensor Pro is designed to monitor the status of windows, doors, and anything else that opens and closes. Battery-powered security-enabled, Z-wave plus magnetic reed switch trigged when an outsider forcefully tries to open the door or window. In addition, it can also state ambient temperature levels.

Dome door window sensor pro is intelligent enough to protect the weakest points of every commercial or home facility, such as entrances and exists. It restricts burglaries by triggering a vibrating bell in the house.

Use Dome Door Window Sensor Pro’s wireless Z-Wave Plus technology for maximum safety and security. Since it has a long-lasting battery, you don’t have to worry about uninterrupted use or low-range monitoring.

In addition to configuring door alarms, redirecting your modern premises to Dome Door Window Sensor Pro lets you know if doors, medicine cabinet doors, garage doors, and other doors are open. Since several manufacturers use Z-wave to communicate, the sensor compatible with multiple products of different categories, such as SmartThings, Nexis, Home Seer, Wink, and other hubs.

Another notable aspect that makes it stand out from others is the monitoring of the ambient temperature and reporting this data to the chief controller. With this quality, you can use this data to adjust the thermostat controls automatically. Plus, it will let you know if thieves try to snatch it, as well as use encrypted Z-Wave communications to prevent hacking.

How does a Dome Door Window Sensor Pro work?

The Dome Door Window Sensor Pro comprises two parts: the sensor, and the magnet. The sensor contains a reed switch inside that’s responsive to the magnets’ availability when aligned adequately and within the defined distance.

When the magnet and sensor are separated or brought together, the sensor will detect its open/close position to its Z-Wave controller, and encrypted wireless communication ensures that user data remains stable and secure.

When someone tries to open a door or window, the magnet moves a short distance from the reed switch. As a result, it activates the event by breaking the circuit. The alerts will have given in forms, such as a loud alarm, chime alert, or discreet text.

What are the benefits of a Dome Door Window Sensor Pro?

Various benefits you can have by using Dome Door Window Sensor Pro.

Some of them are as follows:

1. Extra restraint

When Dome Door Window Sensor Pro is activated, no thief will be able to crack this security system. If coercion is attempted, the device will notify by triggering an alarm. That not only works as a notification to criminals but will also alert you that someone is trying to break in. This often deters one who is trying to break in even when they are not at home.

2. Keep entrance and window safe from a burglar

Dome door window sensor offers the benefit of keeping an eye on your entrances and exits no matter where you are. With the door sensor technology, you will receive a safety notification from the security system, when someone opens or closes your window or door without authorization. If a mischievous act is spotted, you can instantly call the cop to ask for help. Security is the major reason you must assemble a dome door window sensor pro on your premises.

3. Ensure safety and security

If you have pets or children in the house, they will certainly open the door to let you out without telling you. To detect kids every move, you should install a door sensor to monitor the application using your smartphone.

Ezlo Product Recommendation

Dome Door Window Sensor Pro is compatible with the Ezlo Atom, Ezlo Atom, Plug Hub, Ezlo Plus, and Ezlo Secure products, which helps improve the efficiency of the Centralite water leak sensor.


Safety devices such as door window sensors help you ensure safety and convenience at their best. If you are concerned about the security of your home and office, then the dome door window sensor is going to be the best security companion.

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