Centralite 3 Series Smart Outlet Product Overview

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Thanks to Centralite’s 3 Series Smart Outlet, you can instantly add modern automation functions to any device in your house by plugging the smart outlet between an outlet and any appliances at your home. This centralite 3 series smart outlet can be remotely turned on and off and work with your current ZigBee hub to react to alarms, timetables, and conditions.

The Smart Outlet may also record its power use for energy management purposes. The centralite 3-Series Smart Outlet is the most reasonable method to track your home’s energy usage and add automation.

While You Buy Centralite 3 Series Smart Outlet – In Box

  1. 1 unit of 3-Series Smart Outlet
  2. A Quick Start Guide for 3-Series Smart Outlet

Features & Benefits of a centralite 3-series smart outlet

  • It has an Integrated power amplifier for outstanding range.
  • The 3-series smart outlet shows real-time energy use with the help of current sensor technologies.
  • Direct on/off control using the override button.
  • LED indicator for on/off state visible at a quick look.
  • Over-the-air firmware updates so centralite 3-series Smart Outlet can update itself remotely and efficiently.

Uses of Centralite 3 Series Smart Outlet

Make your Slow cooker “smart.”

Using a 3-Series Smart Outlet, connect your Crock-Pot to enjoy “smart” cooking. No more returning home to make dinner over your lunch break if you set your house to start cooking at noon.

Forget about energy-hungry devices.

Even while they are off, many gadgets continue to use energy. The centralite 3-series Smart Outlet allows you to monitor how much power each device is using and turn them off to save energy.

Turn off gadgets that are unsafe to leave on.

Can’t recall if you switched the curling iron off. Let the 3 series outlet do it for you. The Smart Outlet can give you notifications and allow you to monitor a device’s status in addition to automatically turning off a gadget after a predetermined amount of time.

Analyze how much appliance energy use

The 3-Series Smart Outlet uses active energy use reporting current sensing technology. Your smart home can monitor energy use and recommend ways to reduce it.

5 Best Amazing Features

1. Circuitry for Sensing Current

Current-sensing circuitry is a centralite 3-series Smart Outlet component that provides real-time energy use tracking. Users receive alerts when a device is switched on or off using the current-sensing feature.

2. Centralite 3 Series Smart Outlet Compatible with ZigBee Smart things 1.2

All accessible ZigBee HA 1.2-certified hubs and devices are guaranteed to work with the 3-Series Smart Outlet, which has full ZigBee HA 1.2 certification.

3. Durable two-position Electrically-actuated Switch

The Smart Outlet’s premium electrically actuated switch can handle loads up to 12 amps. By doing so, customers are given the power to regulate loads from bigger, higher current devices such as computers, monitors, TVs, coffee machines, and big-system stereos in a safe manner.

4. Improved Update Ability and Mobility

The power amplifier in the centralite’s 3-Series Smart Outlet gives the module improved range and stability in big houses or places with wireless disturbance. The Smart Outlet also allows over-the-air updates, enabling smooth upgrades and feature enhancements without requiring user input.

5. Easy 2-Step Connecting Procedure

The first time the centralite’s 3-Series Smart Outlet is plugged in, it is set up at the factory to look for active ZigBee networks. The module will join the open network when you plug in the Smart Outlet and open the hub for joining.

How to Start with Centralite’s 3-Series Smart Outlet?

Step 1:

Open the ZigBee network to begin. Enable the ZigBee network to join via the interface on your controller or hub.

Step 2:

Connect 3-Series Smart Outlet The Smart Outlet will start looking for a network to join as soon as you plug it into a socket.

Step 3:

Complete Joining at Hub. Some hubs and controllers demand further actions, such as identifying or classifying the device.


For easy troubleshooting, we have complied steps in an orderly manner for your convenience just follow them to troubleshoot it.

Step 1: Disconnect the Module from the Outlet

The Module needs first to be disconnected from the power outlet. And Reconnect it to ensure the device’s functionality. Also to make sure the lamp works properly, try plugging the item into a wall outlet that isn’t switched.

Step 2: Reconnect and Factory Reset

Plug any gadgets out of the wall and from the Module. Holding the on/off button, plug it back into the wall. Until the status LED turns on, keep pressing the button. To rejoin the ZigBee network, repeat the “Getting Started” procedures.


The Ezlo Atom, Ezlo Atom, Plug Hub, Ezlo Plus, and Ezlo Secure products are easily usable with the centralite 3-series smart outlet. Using these products also enhances the performance of the centralite 3 series smart outlet.

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