3 Must-Ask Questions Before You Start with Home Automation

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We’ve come a long way since the old-school ways of home automation. Back then, high-end facilities would need specialized installers and monthly fees to rig up a smart environment. Today, anyone can experience a smart home — all you need is a Wi-Fi connection, the hub, and your smartphone. Talk about easy, right?
Now where to begin can be a little overwhelming, but if you know what you want, what you need, and what’s compatible to you and your home, everything else will follow. So without further ado, here are the first things you need to ask yourself before getting started with home automation. Pens ready?

3 Must-Ask Questions Before You Start with Home Automation

What do I need it for?
Since all things begin with a goal, you must first know what it can do for you. Do you want to be able to watch your house while you travel? Are there too many gadgets in your home that managing them individually takes time? Or do you want to cut down electrical bills by monitoring your energy consumption?
Whatever’s on your list, make sure it’s arranged by priority so it’s easier to customize what you need. Good thing eZLO controller takes care of security and comfort as its basic features, so you don’t have to play with devices one by one. Motion sensors, door locks, multisensors, lighting, and smart appliances all work together through the ‘Internet of Things’ and all you have to do is click one button. Yes, welcome to the future!

Are the devices compatible?
After knowing what you need for your home, take time to get to know the products, devices, and technologies connecting them as well. It’ll save you a lot of time, for sure. Because it’s given that new products jump into the market spotlight right off the bat and older ones are forgotten, check if it has X10 compatibility or if it’s backwards compatible to older versions before going in for what’s new so you’ll be able to smoothly expand your system.
Other technologies used in home automation are Powerline, which is connected thru electrical wiring, and Wireless widely known for Insteon, Z-Wave, and ZigBee. Most devices are dual mesh or hybrid as they use both Powerline and Wireless connectivity, so it’s a win-win for everyone.

How do I start?
Start simple! Lighting products such as dimmers, LED bulbs, and switches are crowd favorites since they’re the easiest to install and the most affordable. But, it’s best to start with eZLO controller. You can’t go wrong because as much as it’s easier to assemble and more affordable, you can play with it to gauge if it’s for you or if you’ll need a different set-up. Well, that’s why it’s called a smart home anyway.
We’re barely scratching the surface and these are just for appetizers.

If you want to satisfy yourself with the makeup of a smart home, there’s more to explore. So, if you’re down with it, check this video out to know more.

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