What is a Domitech Z Wave Smart Led Light Bulb?

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The Domitech Z-Wave Smart Led Light Bulb is a part of the Z-Wave family and works in a control network with other Z-Wave-approved devices. The Z-wave remote control or applications may be used to operate the Domitech Z Wave Smart Led Light Bulb. The range of the Z-Wave mesh wireless network may be increased by using each Z-Wave device as a node to repeat the signal throughout the network.

Your system’s Domitech Smart Bulb may be connected to a variety of Z-Wave products of various sorts and manufacturers, and they will cooperate to enhance and broaden the network’s coverage. You can take advantage of the convenience and leisure that the dt Smart Bulb offers as the setup is complete.

How does a Domitech Z Wave Smart Led Light Bulb work?

The Domitech Bulb is an instant-on, fully-dimmable, Z-Wave-controllable LED screw-in light bulb that emits stunning soft white light (2700K). BulbZ is predicted to save over 140 EU throughout its typical lifespan and is equivalent to a 60-watt incandescent bulb while utilizing only nine (9) watts of energy.

Even in two-wire electrical systems, where a normal Z-Wave switch or dimmer installation would not work, the Bulb may be utilized. The bulb provides consumers with the ease of wirelessly controlling lights from a Z-Wave hub or controller and runs at the standard 868.42 MHz frequency, like other Z-Wave devices.

How to install Domitech Z Wave Smart Led Light Bulb?

First Screw the dt Smart Bulb into the socket after turning off the electricity to the light bulb in the desired location. Follow the directions the controller’s manufacturer provides to put your network controller into inclusion mode. If the selected outlet is initially out of reach, consider relocating to the bulb socket in the same room as your home gateway before repeating the previous procedures.

The Domitech Z Wave Smart Led Light Bulb won’t be joined to your network unless you go through steps 3–4 again. When the lightbulb has been successfully joined to your home network, you may relocate it to the desired spot inside the house.

How to Manually Reset Domitech Z Wave Smart Led Light Bulb?

Turn the wall switch “OFF-ON” cycle on and off four times in the space of four seconds (each cycle counts as one “OFF-ON” cycle). A successful reset will result in two flashes from the dt Smart Bulb. Use this approach only if the network main controller is down or unable to function in any other way.


Model: dtA19-750-27

Input power: 120 VAC, 60 Hz.

Brightness: 750 lumens (Equivalent to 60Watt incandescent light bulb)

Power Consumption: 9W Color

Temperature: 2700K

Bulb Lifetime: 25,000 hour (Equivalent 22.8 years based on 3 hrs/day)

Radiofrequency: 908.4 MHz / 916 MHz

Wireless range: up to 130 ft line of sight between the controller and the other available nodes. Average operating temperature: 77°F (25°C) For indoor use only

Domitech Z Wave Smart Led Light Bulb Basic Operation

The Domitech Z Wave Smart Led Light Bulb may be remotely turned ON/OFF, brightened, or dimmed with a Z-Wave remote control or controlled through a gateway using an app on a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Once the Domitech Z Wave Smart Led Light Bulb has been joined to your network, you may, depending on the functionality of your controller/gateway, assign it to a Group or Scene and modify its status using your controller/gateway.

What are the benefits of a Domitech Z Wave Smart Led Light Bulb?

The Domitech Z-Wave Smart Led Light Bulb has a Built-in Z-Wave radio so can be controlled remotely and wirelessly too. It simply works on Plug and play and has a simple setup.

Domitech Z-Wave Smart Led Light Bulb lasts longer and is more energy efficient than incandescent or florescent light bulbs and the icing on the cake you can just simply reset it manually.


Domitech Products guarantees that for the duration of the warranty period, this product will be free from material defects in materials and workmanship to the original purchaser. The aforementioned guarantee is contingent upon the product being installed, used, and maintained correctly following the given customer’s operating handbook and installation instructions.

Within 30 days of the problem’s manifestation, customers must submit written warranty claims. Under the aforementioned warranty, Domitech’s only responsibility is to either fix any flaws that were present at the time of delivery, replace them, or otherwise remedy them, or to remove the item and give the client their money back.

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Domitech Z Wave Smart Led Light Bulb is compatible with the Ezlo Atom, with which we can go up to 30 smart home devices such as doorbells, lights, locks, and more controlled from a distance. Also, the Domitech Z Wave Smart Led Light Bulb is compatible to work with Plug Hub and Ezlo Plus. Ezlo Secure product helps improve the efficiency of the Domitech Z Wave Smart Led Light Bulb.

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