How eZLO Can Help you Crack the Smart Home Market

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The only surefire way to stay relevant in a rapidly changing marketplace is to work with the innovators who are at the coalface, doing all the disrupting. Unless you have a partner whose everyday business is right at the cutting edge of home-automation technology, how exactly can you expect to constantly release innovative and reliable products for your end users?

Even if you have existing product lines in the home-automation space, are you really geared-up to develop and market the volume of products you need in order to stay ahead of the competition?

The partnership solution

Once you have the right partner you have the peace of mind that you can stay up to date. Whether you are looking to update an existing product line or whether you’re looking to enter the market for the first time, you can only really be sure you’ll be on the right side of the curve if you have a partner who can do most of the heavy lifting.


Speed to market

The entire eZLO operation is focused on delivering a 360° home-automation solution that enables Homeware brands and their OEMs to get their smart products out to the market… quickly! We offer seamless device integration straight out of the box, and a simple platform that is easy for a brand to customize to their specification.

The eZLO hardware solution

We provide the all-important bridge between your product(s), the user and their home. By providing a hub/controller board for an affordable price, our partners can be sure that any smart device that they or their OEM manufacturers use can be sold as part of an entire smart solution for the user. What’s more, our partners can make additional profit from the resale of the hubs/controllers under their brand.

eZLO hardware solution

The eZLO software solution

The next important step is the smart user interface. In just the same way as the hardware, we provide a phone and web app that is intuitive for the end user and seamlessly reliable for you as the product manufacturer. Why go through the hassle of hiring and managing a team of coders, developers and designers when you can get somebody else to do it for you?

Concerns about hardware/software compatibility are completely eliminated because our app is developed in the same HQ directly alongside our hardware. Both app and hardware can be easily customized in accordance with your own brand values and preferences for user experience, and our smart update system means you don’t have to worry about staying secure and up to date.

The eZLO speedy solution

The last thing a user wants when they send an instruction to a device is for there to be a lag time. If the user wants to lock a door for example, they want to be sure that it’s locked from the moment they decide to lock it. Unfortunately for many smart home apps, the firmware they use slows down the app to such a point that a user might have to wait 20–30 seconds for certain instructions to execute, but thankfully this is not the case with eZLO. By coding our own firmware for optimum efficiency, we’ve virtually eliminated lag time.

The firmware footprint is dramatically lower than our competitors. As well as providing for the seamless user experience outlined above, this has enabled us to make the eZLO atom so small. With only minimal storage required for the firmware, the eZLO atom is super-compact.

eZLO speedy solution

The eZLO cloud solution

By providing a robust cloud infrastructure, your users can unlock the full potential of a smart-home solution. Using the cloud can enable them to operate their smart devices remotely in exactly the same way as they could if they were actually in their own home. In addition to that, the constant data mining the app is able to do via the cloud means that users can see the real-time status of their home. This is a great way to reassure users their home is secure and functioning properly.

eZLO cloud solution

The eZLO support & management solution

This is where things really start to get clever. Not only do we provide the framework you need to provide ongoing technical support to your customers, we also provide the mechanism for you to diagnose and solve the issues remotely. Automated troubleshooting is an excellent way of impressing your customer base and showing you care, while automated diagnosis reduces the money you need to expend for fault finding and for any admin that might go with it. If you can be certain a device needs repair without the need to pay for an engineer to diagnose the problem, you can simply send a replacement device (which is likely to be cheaper than man-hours in most cases).

The management solution is also an invaluable tool for your marketing and product development departments. By gathering user data from every home that uses your brand of smart device(s), you can easily understand the habits of your customer base and refine your product range and marketing strategies accordingly.

eZLO support & management solution

A match made in heaven

Of course we might be biased, but we really do know firsthand the mutual benefits of a developer & brand/OEM partnership. You get the path of least resistance to enter the smart-home marketplace, and we gain exposure to your customer base via your trusted product ranges. You get the latest hardware and software to enable you to innovate with your products, while we receive the R & D support to innovate with ours.

What could go wrong?

If something does go wrong, there’s always the automated troubleshooting to fall back on!!

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