How to Make Getting Out of Bed in the Morning Easier

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How to wake up easier — the question every working person is trying to find an answer to…

Duh! Go to sleep early. Case closed.

Well, it would be nice, but, on one hand, it does not always work, and, on the other hand, we still find it next to impossible to get up at 6 in the morning, especially when it’s February and pitch dark and freezing cold outside. When the alarm goes off, the only thing most people want is to roll over, tuck the blanket tighter and go back to sleep. Sorry, folks, not going to happen, unless you are one of those lucky souls who do not have to work. However, there are techniques which can help you stop loathing the early hours.

They are ridiculously simple and powerful when done right:

  • Go to sleep early (yeah, we’ve been there before, but anyway).
  • Start your day the night before — think what you are going to wear, put your car keys next to your purse or briefcase, charge your phone. Really, this can make a difference because it makes you feel in control.
  • Get up on the first alarm, no snoozing! This is the hardest part and this is where things in your home can help tremendously. Not just things, but smart things programmed to make our lives easier.

How to Make Getting Out of Bed in the Morning Easier?

Salute the Sun

Why is it so difficult to get out of bed early? In most cases, the reason is that it is still dark, and our bodies refuse to operate in darkness. So, let’s bring light to our bedrooms to wake up a bit easier. Your smart home can be programmed to turn on the lights at a certain time and make them gradually brighter with a dimmer. Do not turn them on at full force, let the light fill the room slowly. Or, if you prefer sunlight and if the weather cooperates, let the sun in by setting your smart blinds to rise at six in the morning. Opening your eyes to soft, pleasant light is much easier.

Program your sound system to play some music you like. In this matter it’s to each their own, and each of us have ideas about the perfect wake up music. Your music can also be your alarm slowly bringing you from the gentle embrace of sleep to the similarly gentle ambience of your bedroom.

Be Cool

Another important thing is the temperature in your bedroom. Many research findings prove that sleeping in a cool room improves your sleep quality and can even have a positive overall effect on your health. In a cool room, you fall asleep easier, your sleep cycles are in good order, your metabolism increases… but it’s oh so hard to throw away that blanket and lower your feet to the cold floor. However, a smart thermostat can help you here — program it to turn the temperature down when you go to bed and then up again half an hour before you plan to wake up. You can also do it not only in your bedroom but in the entire house, saving power during the night hours and turning the heating up only when and where it is needed, for example, in the kitchen where most of us head after getting out of bed.

It’s Monday but Coffee Can Handle That

Yes, for many of us, morning coffee is the most important meal of the day, especially on weekdays. With a smart coffee machine, you will open your kitchen door to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, because the gadget switched on when you had set it to — about the time when you were just opening your eyes to the gentle music in your bedroom.

And if you are planning some grocery shopping after work, no need to frantically poke around in your fridge to see what you are running low on or have run out of completely. Your smart refrigerator will track all your grocery purchases and send a shopping list right to your smartphone. It can watch the expiration dates, too!

It’s All about Attitude

Of course, the way you get up in the morning largely depends on your attitude. Face your day with hope and excitement, and instead of hating mornings you will be looking forward to them. And smart devices can ease your awakening by creating the friendliest conditions to start a new day in.

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