Introducing the new Dashboard

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Control your home from anywhere

Your Vera app has a new dashboard! The updated dashboard enables you to fully control, manage, and adjust your whole smart home system. It also brings a new look and features, including customization options and a more compact layout.

The new dashboard breaks down into sections. You can choose out of three types of sections – scenes, devices, or cameras. If needed, you can swipe left or right to see all items in a section, which makes it simple to navigate.

Let’s take a look at the new elements and how to get the most out of your dashboard.

Pre-set Modes

Upon opening the app, the dashboard provides at-a-glance pre-set modes for HomeNightAway, and Vacation, allowing you to control multiple devices with just a tap if you choose to customize the pre-sets. The pre-set modes can be customized by pressing on the “Configure” button.

Pre-set Modes

For example, when activating the Away mode, you can choose which sensors to arm (windows, door, motion, smoke, etc), what to do if any of these armed sensors are tripped (sound a siren or record a video with any of the onboard cameras), and who should be notified if an event occurs.

Controlling your devices

Changing the status of a device is now even faster. For switches and lights, tapping on the icon will switch it ON or OFF (the state is indicated by the color of the respective card).

Jarvis App

For example, if a device is on, the card will be a clear white, while if the device is off, it will be a more toned-down gray.

Scenes operations

Get creative with scenes by creating your very own automations which include device triggers and delays, or get crazy with the more advanced conditions like geofence or time of the day (sunrise or sunset).

Scenes operations

You can edit your existing scenes by tapping the ‘…’ sign displayed in the bottom right corner of each scene.

Voice-controlled smart home

Siri Shortcuts integration enables you to run Vera scenes straight from your home screen or through voice commands spoken to your iPhone. Adjust the mood lighting with your voice by saying “Hey Siri, run ‘Weekend Mode’.” Spotlight search on your iPhone gives you more flexibility and context since it also finds your favorite Siri shortcuts and scenes in just seconds.

Voice-controlled smart home

Customize your Dashboard

The new dashboard lets you make the app your own by giving you the flexibility of customization, including the ability to rearrange sections and change the background picture.

Customize your Dashboard

Enter the customization mode by tapping the gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Tapping on the pen sign lets you select which devices you want to be displayed in the given panel. You’re given a list of all the devices, and you can check or uncheck a device to have it appear or be hidden. Additionally, you can rearrange the devices or scenes in a given panel by dragging and dropping your item, while in edit mode.

Change the background image and rearrange the panels by tapping on the ‘>’ sign next to the serial number/name of the controller. By tapping and holding on any of the panels, you can then drag and re-arrange the section you want to be moved anywhere on your screen.


By customizing your dashboard and making use of all its new features, you’ll have even faster access to the devices and scenes you use most, which means you’ll save yourself even more time to spend doing things you love. The Vera Mobile app and the new dashboard for iOS and Android are available for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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