Mi Casa Verde Unveils Five Home Automation Solution Packs

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Feature-driven packs are easy to install and easy to upgrade based on homeowner or renter growing needs including remote access via PC, smartphone, or tablet anywhere in the world. Oakland, CA (PRWEB) January 04, 2013Mi Casa Verde, a leading marketing and distribution company in the home and small business control systems market, has announced the availability of five home automation solution-driven packages for the consumer beginning in February with an unveiling at CES in Las Vegas and full details on the http://www.micasaverde.com web site, beginning on January 7th. In response to consumers and its network of retailers, distributors, and VARs, Mi Casa Verde has created and customized feature-driven packages which incorporate the most-in-demand components in easy-to-install, easy-to-expand bundles. Each of the offerings reflects consumer interest in increased home security as well as in energy savings, lighting, and entertainment controls. All systems are accessible from anywhere in the world via PC, smartphone, and tablet. “Mi Casa Verde’s commitment is not only to providing the latest and most reliable systems but incorporate a pricing structure that opens up these benefits to consumers everywhere. With no monthly fees, we can save homeowners and renters hundreds or thousands of dollars in yearly costs that other providers charge as part of their annual contract commitments,” noted Bob Goldberg, vice president of marketing. Priced from $249 to $999 based on features, the packages include:

The Starter Package provides essential smart home capabilities with a VeraLite controller, security camera and plug-and-play lighting control, and effortless expansion opportunities.

The Energy Package creates a greenhouse with savings that are capable of paying for the system within a year or less. This includes a VeraLite controller a smart thermostat that communicates its climate and responds to desired adjustments from anywhere, smart wall switches that turn on/off remotely, a SmartSwitch that measures and controls from any household plug, and a meter reader that reads out how much electricity is used and how to economize.

The Safety Package offers security and significant value versus the large service providers which charge up to $50/month or more for the same technology. With no monthly cost to the homeowner or renter, this package includes a VeraLite controller, a state-of-the-art door lock that can report open/close activity via text or email; two powerful, high-definition security cameras that work even in the dark, and four wireless sensors that secure doors and/or windows in seconds.

The Family Package provides an array of the most popular features including controlling access to any door in the residence from anywhere, and a wireless video and audio security camera with adjustable views at the touch of a smartphone, PC, or tablet. Also included are a VeraLite controller, two magnetic door/window sensors, and a wide-range motion detector

The Premium Package provides a comprehensive system that rivals those costing thousands of dollars more. The highest quality components include the Vera3 controller, two infrared cameras with built-in motion sensors, a smart door lock with a touchscreen interface, and a smart thermostat that can monitor and control home temperature based on humidity and climate. Also included is a wireless energy reader which provides information to maximize savings 24/7.

The five systems are anchored by either the Vera 3 or VeraLite Gateways, the most flexible, powerful, and affordable home controller on the market today. These gateways can be connected to a broadband or Wi-Fi router in a completely expandable plug-and-play format. Mi Casa Verde also offers more than 100 apps including a weather monitor that allows the user to control window coverings and an app that controls the lighting level when the resident wakes up.

While the technology is cool and the savings are substantial, we enjoy getting emails and texts from users saying that the peace of mind they have from being able to control access and monitor their children, the babysitter, and others. After all, meeting the personal and professional needs in a safe and economical home environment provides endless value,” Goldberg noted.

About Mi Casa Verde

In the last four years, Mi Casa Verde’s business has doubled every year. Its products are now sold in nearly 60 countries. The company has been recognized for several product features including ease of installation and expansion; state-of-the-art technology; cost-to-value energy savings and accessibility from anywhere via PC, smartphone, or tablet. The product line is available at more than 800 dealers and installers globally and online retailers including Amazon and NewEgg.

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