What is an Aeotec Siren?

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Technological advancements have skyrocketed in recent years. Had it been a few decades ago, no one would have believed doors could be opened with a retinal scan or that robots could move just by listening to verbal instructions. But now, even the so-called impossible can unexpectedly become possible. It is just a matter of time before technologies like blockchain, automation, smart and systems take over human activities.

When we talk about smart systems, the first thing that comes to mind is smart security like Wi-Fi-controlled or voice-controlled locks. As the demand for such appliances has reached its zenith, we have come forth with an advanced-level security alarm system — Aeotec Siren.

What is Aeotec siren?

We all know smart security systems comprise alarms. Once their sensors are triggered, they produce sounds or send notifications to your mobile, provided you have the two devices. However, most times, you won’t be able to hear the alarm tones. If you miss the alert notifications, you won’t be able to escape any dire situation and attend to the emergency.

This is where the Aeotec Siren comes into play. It is a next-generation alarm that can produce a loud, blaring sound and instantly tell you about any emergency, regardless of where you are. Although sirens are mostly used in commercial areas, Aeotec has ensured people can use the same device at their houses and spend days peacefully.

How does an Aeotec siren work?

The Aeotec Siren works on the Z-wave wireless protocol technology. It is much older than a Wi-Fi wireless connection, but its efficiency and performance are unmatched. Working on low frequencies, the Z-wave wireless network is more responsive and can act faster than the modern-day Wi-Fi system. Perhaps, that’s why this technology is being used in so many smart systems operating on wireless protocols.

When any connected Z-wave device triggers the sensor in the siren, it starts producing loud sounds with decibel levels much higher than the ones configured in regular alarms. At the same time, you will receive notifications on your phone and can easily reach emergency locations with ease. Owing to such a fast response time and excellent performance, the Aeotec sirens have become quite popular.

What are the benefits of using an Aeotec siren?

1. Produces loud sounds

One of the significant benefits of the Aeotec sirens is their loud sounds. Aeotec Siren 6 produces 110 dB sounds, while Siren 5 can emit tones at 105 dB. With such high decibel levels, you are bound to hear the sound even when you are at the farthest end of the house. Besides, it also alerts people in close vicinity, ensuring they can come to your help if such a situation arises.

2. Customizable security tones

The Aeotec Siren 6 has six configurable security sounds and eight safety tunes. In addition, it also comes with another 16 tunes for doorbells, ringing, minor alerts, and so on. As the devices come with multiple customizable security tones, you won’t have to run here and there to understand the emergency. On the other hand, you will have five sound options in Siren 5. All these tones are customizable, and you can configure them separately for different emergencies.

3. Integrated with light probe

Thanks to the integrated light probe, you won’t have to worry about false alarms. Sometimes, the Z-wave devices pick up wrong signals and trigger the siren when there is no such emergency. But as the products are integrated with the alert light, you won’t miss the emergency notification.

4. Adjustable volume levels

One of the significant benefits of using the Aeotec Siren 6 is the ability to adjust the volume levels between 80 dB and 110 dB. So, when you are in the house, you can set the volume from 80dB to 90 dB. But when you are outside the empty house, it’s better to configure the volume at 100 dB or 110 dB.

5. Long-lasting battery backups

The Aeotec sirens are equipped with long-lasting batteries that provide backup power for four hours maximum when there is no power. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about your safety if there is a power cut in your area or the main fuse is damaged.

6.Lowest latency

Thanks to low latency, the Aeotec Siren can immediately produce alarm sounds, letting you know about the emergency. Therefore, you can easily reach safety without worrying about accidents or mishaps.

Ezlo product compatibility with Aeotec siren

You can easily connect Z-wave devices from Ezlo with Aeotec Siren, like Ezlo Atom, Ezlo Secure, Ezlo Plus, and Plug Hub.

Aeotec Siren FAQ
Q1. What is a Z-wave siren?

A1. A Z-wave siren works on the Z-wave wireless protocols and produces loud sounds once the connected Z-wave devices trigger it.

Q2. How do I turn off the Aeotec Siren?

A2. To turn off the Aeotec Siren, you must press the power button usually located at the base of the device. Do not press it long and release it because that will hard reset the device, and all settings will be set to default.

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