10 Things The Ezlo Atom Can Do For You

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When most people talk about home control, they talk about turning the lights on, setting a mood, and keeping your home comfortable. Atom can do all of those things, but we decided to get creative and give you some insight into some other, less expected benefits.

So here’s a list of ten things that you can do with Atom, but may not think to try. If you’ve tried other creative things with your Atom, please send us an email at marketing@ezlo.com for consideration for our next list!

Day 1 – Water Damage Prevention

Pair your Atom with a flood sensor. The sensors will alert you the instant water is detected so you can stop a little thing from becoming a big thing.


See how easy it is to pair a smart home flood sensor with your Ezlo Atom.
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Day 2 – Help Care For Your Fish

Pair your Atom with an energy-sensing power outlet and plug in your aquarium’s water pump. The smart outlet will let you know if the water pump fails so fix it before it’s too late.


See how easy it is to pair an energy-sensing power outlet with your Ezlo Atom
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Day 3 – Monitor Your Doggie Door

Even if you give your pet the freedom to go out, you’ll still want to keep an eye on her. Pair your Atom with a door/window sensor on the doggie door and make sure she comes back in.

See how easy it is to pair a door window sensor with your Ezlo Atom.
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Day 4 – Add Security For Your Sliding Doors

Just because your sliding door looks like it’s closed, doesn’t mean it is. Ensure your home is secure both day and night by pairing Atom with a door sensor to monitor activity.


See how easy it is to pair a door window sensor with your Ezlo Atom.
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Day 5 – Check The Mail

Waiting for something important? Your Atom can even let you know when the mail arrives. Just pair it with a door sensor that’s placed on your mailbox—and add a motion-activated flood light so you can find your way after dark.


See how easy it is to pair a door window sensor with your Ezlo Atom.
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Day 6 – Send Voice Commands Without A Word

Using the Ezlo VOI feature, you can use your Atom to send commands to any device controlled by any voice assistant without you having to utter a word.


Learn more about Ezlo VOI.

Day 7 – Keep Your Teens (And Their Friends) In Line

Don’t want your kids’ friends drinking at home? Put a door/window sensor on your liquor cabinet, pair it with your Atom, and have Alexa call out a warning to put the bottles back should they be disturbed.


See how easy it is to pair a door window sensor with your Ezlo Atom.
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Day 8 – Light Your Way Home

Pair your Atom with a light bulb on your porch and put it on a schedule so you never come home to a dark house again.


See how easy it is to create a scene.

Day 9 – Save Money On Cooling Costs

Pair Atom with roller shades and a temperature sensor—when the room gets hot enough, your home can lower the shades to cool things down and save money on air conditioning.


Day 10 – Save Energy When Nobody’s Home

Depending on which devices you have paired with your Atom, putting your home in Away mode will turn off your lights, power down your smart outlets, and adjust your thermostat to save energy when nobody’s home.

Learn more about Vera house modes.


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