What is a 2gig ft1 345 Flood and Temperature Sensor?

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2GIG-Flood and Temperature Sensor

The 2GIG-FT1-345 flood and temperature sensor is designed for use with 2GIG control panels. The 2GIG-FT1-345 sensor is ideal for notifying the homeowner of a flood or a significant temperature change. The 2GIG-FT1-345 is a one-way 345 MHz sensor that is completely monitored and tamper-resistant.

It will monitor a space’s ambient temperature for high and low-temperature thresholds and notify any changes that are outside of the established limits. At the condition of standing water in the nearby sensor position, the FT1-345 may detect and report a wet/dry flood condition. The FT1-345 sensor transmits wet/dry conditions as well as temperature to the control panel.

How to set up a 2GIG FT1 345 flood and temperature sensor?

Simply place the 2GIG-FT1-345 sensor near the home’s water heater or another confined water source, with the sensor probe slightly above the floor, to safeguard against flood situations. If there is a significant leak, the water will fill the circuit between two probes on the sensor, causing a flood issue or alert to be transmitted to the panel.

The inbuilt transmitter will send a wet alert transmission to the security/control panel once the 2GIG-FT1-345 flood and temperature sensor probe senses water for three minutes. When the quantity of liquid is not evaluation process by the flood probe after three minutes, the probe will provide a restore (dry) report. The sensor includes the deployment of the provided external flood probe to notify floods.

  • In general, you should configure these zones as auxiliaries 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • As a result, the sensor is always active and ready to report to the central station.
  • Most of the time, the operator will simply phone and alert the owner of the alarm.
  • These circumstances do not need the dispatch of local authorities.
  • However, if these conditions continue, they can cause significant damage to a house or company.

Furthermore, the 2GIG-FT1-345 flood and temperature sensor will measure the ambient temperature once per minute. If the temperature rises over 95°F or falls below 41°F, the sensor will send a temperature alert to the 2GIG security panel for five minutes.

What are the key features of flood and temperature sensors?

  • Notifies when standing water reaches the sensor probe
  • Sends trouble warning to the panel when the ambient temperature exceeds 84°F
  • Sends a difficulty alert to the panel when the ambient temperature falls below 42°F
  • Long-life lithium battery life
  • 345 MHz frequency
  • Compatible with GC2 and GC3 panels
  • ETL approved
  • Battery-powered design works on one CR 2.3V lithium battery
  • Extremely long five-year battery life

Ezlo Product Compatibility:

If your 2gig ft1 345 floods and the temperature sensor requires centralized control, this is the case, Ezlo performs admirably and aids in the effectiveness of 2gig & Vivint compatible window sensors. It makes operating the door or window sensors by smartphone a breeze.

It improves interoperability and even integrates all your smart home’s gadgets into a single dashboard. As a result, you won’t have to move between applications to handle your smart home gadgets. It improves simplicity and opens new opportunities for improved home automation.

2gig ft1 345 floods and temperature sensor is compatible with the Ezlo Secure product which helps improve the efficiency of the 2gig ft1 345 floods and temperature sensor.

2GIG-Flood and Temperature Sensor FAQs

The Ezlo technology ensures the compatibility of all smart home devices and applications. Ezlo improves the interoperability of smart gadgets and 2gig.

How does a flood sensor work?

The Flood Sensor detects water through the two copper prongs at the sensor’s bottom. If either of these two metal prongs becomes wet, an alarm signal is delivered to the control panel. Whether there is enough liquid to flood the surface it is sitting on, the Flood Sensor will float.

Where do I put my freeze and flood sensors?

Water leaks cause severe damage to each house every year, costing homeowners money to repair. Water may cause chaos in your house if it enters through a water leak heater, a faulty washing machine, or an overflowing sump pump. This sensor will assist you in protecting your house by sensing water as quickly as possible, therefore reducing the damage that may occur.

Extreme cold may be just as harmful, resulting in costly repairs. Your pipes might freeze and shatter when the temperature lowers. The Flood Sensor will notify you if the temperature falls below 40°F, allowing you to act before any harm occurs.

Why do we need a flood monitoring system?

It is utilized nearly instantly to notify and alert both authorities and car owners about the flood. A water level sensor will be installed at two sites of water level, 0.05 m, and 0.09 m. When the water reaches this level, it activates the Light Emitting Diode (LED) and activates the buzzer, which works as an alarm to inform both the authorities and the owner.

This will inform and warn the owner, in addition to generating an application that can be easily tracked using the most recent wireless technology.

What is a Vivint smart water sensor?

 If the Vivint Water Sensor finds water where it should not be, it will warn you instantly. This wireless smart water sensor also has temperature monitoring built-in, allowing you to avoid pipes from freezing and breaking. When it comes to avoiding unwanted water damage, it should have been your first line of security.

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