5 Key Features of a Smart Home Controller

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Features of Smart Home Controller

The boom of crisp words, seductive visuals, and smooth packaging in the name of branding kind of concealed our urge to know what really is. Well, who can blame us? When a bright and shiny product is always at our screens and is apparently the talk of the town (in the best sense), resistance is a challenge. So, we just go with the flow and believe the happy chatters of advertising.

But hey, you still have the right to know how good what you’re buying is, how it will affect your life, and why buy it in the first place. So, going to the roots of it all, here are the core features of a smart home controller everyone should know!


Wireless is king. Being able to control things without physical connection was popularly known as magic eons ago. Now that it’s all explained through our latest gadgets and technologies, it’s still fascinating when a new product can also be wireless. We just can’t wait for everything else to be wired together. That said, we want to experience it first hand — in our homes.

App Controlled

Sure it’s more organized working in a website interface, but let’s admit it, everything is in our smartphones nowadays. Every twist and turn becomes an app. So, why not a smart home controller as well? Wouldn’t it be nice to just kick back in the couch or wherever you are in the world and control your home with your phone? It’s just easier. Enough said!

Widely Compatible

There are tons of protocols that’s released in the market such as Z-Wave, W-FI, Bluetooth, Zigbee, and many more. So for a hub to connect with diverse protocols and devices is what you really need. Check for backwards compatibility so you can keep expanding your system instead of replacing old versions. The wider its compatibility, the more gadgets you can manage.


This is probably the most important bit. A smart home controller is smart because it’s automated. Meaning, it does the job for you. No need to manually click buttons and program each setting, with a controller, you can set up your preferred scene, command, or rule to suit your needs. Plus, it talks to other devices through ‘Internet of things’, so actions like changing temperatures when there’s motion is easily done.


A smart hub doesn’t only talk to devices, it also talks to you to let you know your home’s condition. Wherever you may be, it notifies you when your command is completed and alerts you of the broken fridge, flooding, lurking intruders, or people coming in and out of your house. It’s like your very own virtual assistant for your home.

The eZLO smart home automation system is made for easy living. It has all the key features of an ideal smart home controller plus more — it’s simple, it’s easy, it’s low-cost. It’s eZLO. Visit the shop to know more.

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