Home Automation Ideas for the Man Cave

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Home Automation Ideas for the Man Cave


Mankind has diversified over the millennia; we’re talking about the original alpha — males — who were once solely classified as roaring cavemen. Today, they infuse different flavors in the character mix. There’s the hip urban dwellers, the laid-back creatives, the fresh-cut techies, the dapper dudes, the sensitive artiste, and many other facets.

All in all, modern men have more to offer — more than testosterone, pick-up lines, and beer. And as the world upgrades with home automation, their homes are also adjusted to their lifestyle choices. The man cave where they kick back and enjoy becomes a smart cave where being a modern man is way simpler and cooler.

Check out these five home automation ideas perfect for the new man cave. It may be not as rad as Iron Man’s pad or James Bond’s gadgetry, but it’s definitely off the hook!

Entertainment System

The basic thing about man caves is it serves as a male refuge for watching sports or online gaming in front of humungous home theater, preferably with beer and pizza of course. With home automation, the ultimate sound system matched with just the right lighting and temperature are all controlled in one app, so you can focus more on the game and worry less about hosting.

Music Room/Studio

Capturing the mood is never easy, but with adjustable lights and temperature, you can play with inspiration until you’re good to go. Plus, your guitars or creative materials that need to be stored in a certain temperature will always be in good condition.

Billiards Room

A dreamy man cave consists of a proper pool table accessorized with the latest equipment and stereo system. To give it a slice of modern, a home automation system can be installed to keep the table temperature regulated and the audio-visual effects in line.

Bar Area

Your drinks area doesn’t have to be just a small bar top with a fridge and a couple of stools around it. Turn your simple stash into an LED-styled bar by customizing your lights. Boost the scene with automated devices controllable in one touch. You can go outrageous and mimic a local pub’s high-tech interior or tone it down to just be enjoyed by your friends. Either way, it’ll still be a win for the ladies.

Home Gym

Let your air conditioning know if you’re just warming up or already in the cool-down phase by setting up motion sensors. Rev up with your favorite workout music or video tutorial as the lighting sets the mood for a pumped up session. No need to manage these individually. Just let home automation be your personal trainer any time of day.

The man cave calls all men to own their natural beastly instincts, but it doesn’t have to be in a basement piled up with gadgets. Home automation gives not just the smart in a modern man’s home, but a flick of style and comfort as well. With eZLO’s starter kit, you can make any man cave a smart cave and start living the new world. Visit the shop to know more.

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