What is an Aeotec Door Window Sensor 5?

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Aeotec Door Window Sensor 5

Home security systems are made up of a few smart gadgets that build a layer of protection around your home. It will make you feel safe and secure in your house against robbers, intruders, and other potential threats.

Similarly, the Aeotec door window sensor 5 safeguards your home by sensing the status of your windows and doors.

Smart home security is highly preferred for home safety nowadays. Reports show that the Smart Home security market is estimated to generate annual revenue of approximately 8.95 billion USD by 2026 in the USA.

An Aeotec door window sensor acts as the backbone of your home security system. This smart device enables you to monitor which window or door is opening/closing. It is a Z-wave device that supports security encryption and “Over the Air Firmware Updating.” Hence, it’s possible to update its firmware wirelessly if needed.

The installation process of the Aeotec door window sensor is pretty easy. You only need to place its 2 parts on your window or door using screws or double-sided tape. The sensor incorporates an inbuilt tamper detection system to provide updates on the window/door status.

It’s an intelligent security device that works on wifi and helps get powerful home control security automation at your fingertips. Let’s discuss why the Aeotec door window sensor 5 comes in handy and what are its benefits below.

What are the benefits of the Aeotec door window sensor 5?

The Aeotec door window sensor 5 provinces multiple benefits. Let’s get to it below.

  1. Home Control
  2. Provides Reminders
  3. Remote monitoring
  4. Becomes a part of security systems
  5. Battery-powered
  6. Intelligent technology and easy to install
  7. Tamper detection system

Home Control

The Aeotec door window sensor 5 understands your home’s state. These sensors provide better home control and help you manage it efficiently since you can understand when your doors and windows are open, closed, or used. You can easily monitor your doors and windows with the help of this sensor.

Provides Reminders

Ever happened that you left home and forgot to close your windows? If so, then it won’t ever happen with the Aeotec door window sensor 5. It uses smart technology and uses a Z-wave notification system gateway. Through this, you can receive reminders whenever you leave your windows or doors open, and they aren’t secured.

Remote monitoring

The Aeotec door window sensor 5 isn’t only for stopping intruders. You can also use it to safeguard children from being out of the room or accessing medical or crockery cupboards. If the sensor is installed on your doors, windows, and cupboards, you can remotely monitor their status and keep your family safe.

Becomes a part of security systems

You would often notice that burglars and intruders use windows or doors to break into a house and do their tasks. Monitoring your doors and windows seems to be the best choice to prevent this from happening.

Using the Aeotec door window sensor 5 as a part of the security system means that intruders would have no chance of entering your home. Even if they do, the alarm can alert them as they would instead run than be caught.


Are you scared that power cuts can lead to burglary if the sensor doesn’t work? If so, then worry not! The Aeotec door window sensor is a battery-powered device that mainly enters into a deep sleep state to save battery.

Intelligent technology and easy to install

The Aeotec door window sensor is made using intelligent and advanced technology. It’s easy to install. You first have to ensure it’s in factory default mode and then uses the manual instructions. It’s pretty simple where you can affix its 2 parts on the window, door, or cabinet frame. It works on any such things that can open and close.

Tamper detection system

The Aeotec door window sensor is self-protecting since it has an in-built tamper detection system. Hence, if someone tries to tamper with this device, you will receive alerts on your phone’s application.

Why do you need the Ezlo Product?

The Aeotec door window sensor 5 is a smart home security device and works well with the Ezlo smart hub. The device has compatibility with the Ezlo Atom, Ezlo Plus, Plug Hub, and Ezlo Secure products. This compatibility enables you to improve the efficiency of your Aeotec door window sensor 5.

How? Since your device will be compatible with the smart hub, you will be able to use it together with your other smart security devices in a single place.

Aeotec door window sensor 5 FAQ

Q1. How do I reset my Aeotec door sensor?

A1. The best option is to press its action button for about 20 seconds. Its’ status LED will be solid for 2 secs if the resetting is successful.

Q2. How do I reset my Z Wave door sensor?

A2. You have to press the Z-button on the sensor for about 20 seconds before its LED will start illuminating light that shows the reset was successful.

Q3. Why are my door sensors not working?

A3. There are different reasons why a door sensor may not work. If you have used it for a longer time, it can be an issue with the battery.

However, most of the panels do notify about the battery status of the sensors. It can also be due to malfunctioning of the sensors due to different reasons like dirt, water, etc.

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