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Dome Leak Sensor
31 Oct

Dome Leak Sensor

Do you face water leakage problems? Are you also tense regarding leakage occurring in your home? So, don’t worry, here is the solution, a Dome Leak Sensor. What is it? Let’s know about it. What is a Dome Leak Sensor? A dome leak sensor is an electrical gadget made to detect the presence of water,

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Eaton Wifi Smart
08 Jun

Aeotec Z Wave Micro Dimmer 2nd Edition Product Overview

Want to turn your existing switches into smart switches? After all, the increasing popularity of home security systems makes people interested in adding more smart devices to their homes. The Aeotec Z wave micro dimmer 2nd edition is a device that can turn your regular switches into smart switches. The number of smart homes is

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25 Sep

Use your voice to open your front door when you’ve got your hands full

The “tap” was cool a while back but now home control can be done just by using your voice.  While many platforms—including ours—are compatible with Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant, Vera is the only system that lets you control Z-Wave devices using Siri Shortcuts. Previously, we wrote about how you can use Siri to trigger Vera

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